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My New Couches (!) & MYHSM Linky Party

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I once did a frugal post (well, I've done several frugal posts, haha) about our habits of pretty much running things into the ground before we buy a new one.  

Well, that includes our furniture. Today I'm talking specifically about our couches.  They were OLD.  Old and ugly and uncomfortable.  Everybody said so.  Even visiting guests!  ;)

This past week we bought ourselves new couches for the living room AND the family room. We've been planning this and saving for this for quite awhile.  We meant to buy some months ago but then my mom got sick and it was put on the back burner.

The couch and loveseat that were in the family room were the only couches that we had ever bought, and we bought them before our kids were born so they were about 30 years old. 

30 years old!!!!!!

Those couches took as much abuse as you can imagine a family room couch does, and then some.

The couch and loveseat in our living room were hand-me-downs.  We were the fourth family to receive and use those couches, everyone kept handing them down to the next family....wonder why?  ;)

Let me tell you.....they were UGLY!!!!!!   I hid the ugly brown & orange weave under blue and white checked slipcovers, but you can't hide how uncomfortable they were to sit on.

For years we would save money for family vacations instead of buying new furniture.  I don't regret those wonderful trips with my family.  But after the last trip to Disney I told my hubby "No more new trips until we save for those couches!"

If you aren't thoroughly bored yet (and frankly, I can't see why you WOULDN'T be), I want to introduce you to our new living room couches.

They look like a lovely shade of country blue in this picture but they are actually gray.  The couches come in a box that is easily put together.  I say "easily" because my hubby did it.  ;)  Dog not included.  (You can click on the photos to make them larger)

These lovely couches met and married in an enchanting place called IKEA.  I first heard of them from another place called blogland, where everyone was raving about their Ektorp sofa (and NO, this is not a sponsored post, I am not getting paid and IKEA has absolutely no idea who I am) and their white slipcovers.

I have always wanted white slipcovers.  Well, maybe not always, always, but definitely always.  I also have two dogs.  One of them a beagle who sheds like nobody's business.  (Did I mention I am allergic to dogs?)

For years I have drooled all over my computer whenever I saw someone's cottage style living room complete with white slipcovered couches.  Couches that got stains and then they bleached out the stains and everyone lived happily ever after.

So hubby and I went to IKEA to look for the Ektorp sofa and hubby was concerned about the white slipcovers.  Did I mention we have a beagle who sheds like he's in a hair competition? He's not allowed on the furniture and we've never seen him on there, but his hair gets on EVERY thing (my dog, not my hubby).

However, due to my mom's recent death I think my hubby has mellowed a bit and he encouraged me to go ahead and buy the white.  Either that or he's just given up or lost his mind.

The Ektorp has several different slipcovers you can get.  Since I already switch up my decor accessories a few times a year, I decided to buy gray slipcovers for my fall/winter look, and white slipcovers for spring/summer.

I really wanted to buy the red slipcovers, too, because I LOVE the color red.  But I restrained myself.  For now, anyway.

I'll bet most of you don't have a cable running through your living room do you?  We don't have a t.v. in our living room usually, but hubby moved one in there for me recently so that I could rest my aching back and watch some t.v.  Hence, the cable.  Also note the wrinkled slipcover.  I think they look pretty good considering I didn't iron them before putting them on.

Here's a little living room "fall fashion" to brighten your day.  :)   These are the crib springs from the crib my babies slept in.  I've shared it before.  I change the decorations on it every few months to match the seasons.  To the left are my rain boots.  I wanted to wear them recently and couldn't find I know why!  I forgot I was using them on display.

I've mentioned before that I really don't like clutter.  Well, sad to say, decorating clutter is still clutter.  I keep meaning to "quiet" this corner down but obviously haven't done a thing.

I'm loving our new couches.  I told my hubby that every time I walk into my "new"  living room I feel like a grown up.  Or maybe an adultier adult.  

After 30 years it was definitely time to buy something new for both rooms.  Dollar stores, thrift shops and yard sales help me decorate.....but sometimes you HAVE to replace the old with something new.  We not only used it up, we WORE it out big time!  That's what we do. My hubby had to put wood down underneath one so-called "cushion" in order to make things more comfortable.  

Since when does wood make sitting more comfortable!  O.o   Not only that, but we had to cram pillows between the back of the sofa and the cushions so you wouldn't fall through.   ;)

I was somewhat afraid to let anyone even SIT on the new furniture, but I suppose that would be a bit I am letting everyone sit on them and enjoy them as long as they promise not to breathe on them.  So far it's working.

Now for the family room sofas.  Two words: they recline.  

We thought that feature would be awesome.  Well, hubby and son did.  They are just a plain dark brown (the sofas, not my family, although they do tan up pretty well).  Nothing exciting but who needs excitement when you can recline?   

So yes, I did just do an entire blog post about my new furniture.  You're welcome!  What are YOU excited about today?

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  1. Nothing like new furniture Nan! How lovely your room looks, so happy for you. ♥ Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I am loving it! The poodle isn't too sure about the new couches though...... ;)

  2. I love the idea of changing out the slipcovers to add a new look for each season, Nan! And I'm so happy that you finally got the white coach you've wanted all these years. It doesn't bring your mom back, but small things like these ease the blow of grief. Hugs to you!

    1. I love changing my decor, as I said, so I thought it might be fun to change the slipcovers too. It will add a bit of a hassle because I will already be busy changing up the decor. But it shouldn't be too bad, and the pillows will be easy because I just unzip them and throw on a new cover.

  3. I was not bored! ;) And I love to read about couches and other essentials of a happy home. Thank you for being such a gracious party hostess!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you weren't bored. I love reading about other people's homes too, and seeing pictures. It's like being invited to look in someone's windows, lol! ;)

  4. Great space and love the new couches! Thank you for sharing! And for hosting!

    1. Thank you! And you're welcome. Glad you could pop over and join the party again today.

  5. Love your new couches! I have always admired those with the slipcovers too! :)

    1. Oh me too! I really never thought my hubby would go for the white, and I may regret it but I don't think so. From everything that I've read they are pretty easy to bleach. I may have to bleach my dogs though....hahaha.

  6. I enjoyed reading your entire blog post about your new couches. New couches is exciting and deserve an entire post, trust me I know. I remember when we got our current set 5 years ago...OMG I was over the moon!!!! I don't know how you've waited 30 years before getting new ones. I'm already looking for new ones next year, but I guess I can calm down a bit after reading this post! :)

    I love visiting your blog, I know I've said this before here, but it is literally one of my favorite places on the web to come. It feels like getting with a girlfriend who is genuine (rare). Maybe the only way to have that is on the web (shutter).

    At any rate, nothing to link up today, just dropping in.
    God bless you and your family.
    May your new couches last you another 30 years!!

    1. Oh thank you, Stephanie! You are so sweet! I don't know how we lasted 30 years either. We just made do and spent the money on other things, I guess. Vacation, doctor expenses, cars, food, clothes.....I don't know. Hopefully they will last awhile though. ;)

  7. I loved reading your 'entire blog post about furniture'!! And I am not just saying that ;-) I need to know there are other humans out there thinking about the same things I am!! It is also good to know I am not the only one who does seasonal decor. Sometimes I think people consider me crazy that I have a 'system' for switching out our decor each season and spunking up corners for the holidays! Thank you for sharing your lovely couches and cozy home!


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