Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Today was my mom's memorial service (as I write this).  You can imagine how tired I am!  ;)

My mom would have loved the service, but mostly she would have loved seeing all the family together.  My family and I were talking about how it took an event like this for everyone to drive over or fly in from out of state.

It's so easy to grow apart when the kids grow up and move away.  Some families are really good at keeping in touch and having get togethers.  We're not really one of them.

Over the years I have had one sibling fighting severe heart disease and open-heart surgery (twice), and another sibling fighting cancer (four times), and as their health has declined, so has their ability to be able to get through a whole day without needing some very long naps.  

So big family reunions are difficult for them, not to mention the traveling to get there (they both live several hours from me).  So there have been things they have missed due to their health and not being able to make the trip.  But they were able to make the trip today!

There are other ways to keep in touch with family when you can't be there in person.  The phone still works!  And you can even Skype.  Snail mail works too, as well as email.  There's probably other stuff out that that I haven't even heard of yet.

I keep in touch with my siblings mostly through phone calls.  But we also text  (well, some of us do).  Texting is kind of hard and slow for me, but I like it.  It's just painful for others to watch me text, lol!   ;)

I can't get ANY of my siblings on facebook.  Believe me, I have tried.  I have one sister-in-law who is on there, but can't get anybody else.

I don't have one sibling that lives in the same town as I.  They all live anywhere from an hour to several hours away.  One even lives an airplane ride away!  ;)

So how do you keep in touch with YOUR siblings?  What special things do you do to stay connected?

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  1. I'm an only child but I do come from a very close nit family. Luckily most all of us live in the same town

  2. Oh that's wonderful to all be so close! When I was first married all my family lived nearby, except one sibling. Then people got jobs and things that pulled them away to other towns....bummer! As for being an only child, you probably have friends that are just as close to you as siblings are! :)

  3. Happy Monday! Thank you for hosting... have a great week!

  4. Thanks for hosting another great party. Wishing you the best, Darlene

  5. I have been thinking of you, Nan, and know that God's special presence has been with you all week. It must have been special to see all your relatives even though you haven't seen many of them in a long time.

  6. Just linking up with your party today, and wanted to share my condolences with you on the loss of your mother, but praying that the precious memories you've made with her throughout the years will bring you comfort. I live the farthest distance from my siblings, but we keep in touch rather regularly, and we all get together once a year at Thanksgiving, it is a very special time. I hope that your time with your siblings was very blessed :)

  7. Yes, I can imagine how tired you must be. But I pray that you will find time to rest and breath this coming week. I keep in touch with my sister via facebook and my brother with the very occasional phonecall though we are also 'friends' on facebook. It is a prayer of my heart that my children find ways to stay in touch as they eventually leave home. My family have had family reunion holidays every so often - to celebrate big birthdays of my folks mainly. We book 4 cabins side by side and spend a week living in each other's shoes!! It has certainly helped the cousins to know each other since we live in 3 different corners of the country.

  8. We had my husband's father's funeral this past week. We saw family we haven't seen since his grandmother's funeral and grandfather's funeral. We're white sheep of the family and don't really fit in, but we've kept in contact with his brother and sister and they visit every few years.

    I don't keep in contact with my brothers. No animosity, just no relationship. Broken home and all that.

    My condolences. I know you'll miss your mama very much. God bless you.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother. May the Lord give you comfort and peace. May you know that He is near to you. ~Kimberly

  10. My condolences to you, Nan, for the loss of your mother. All of my family lives in the mid-west and south (I am in Montana). We use to have a habit of holiday calls where they passed around the phone so I could talk to everyone! Handwritten sentiments are always appreciated as well. Blessings to you as you adjust to this change, ma God comfort you and yours.


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