Sunday, August 16, 2015

MYHSM Linky Party & Not Working My Plan

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Last Monday's post I mentioned that I was going into a busy week.

I said that I was going into my week with a list and a plan.

I said: 

"But having a plan is important too, because it puts you in the driver's seat.  You may not always be in control of the vehicle, but you'll have your hand on the wheel!  You'll also have a purpose, a destination, and a plan of how you'll get there."

Nice words.

Too bad I didn't pay attention to them.

I really didn't.

I managed to get a lot of things done that I had already committed to.  Our church had a big children's ministry event that I had committed to, and so I helped prep for that the day before and then helped run it the next day.

I managed to run errands, make phone calls, and on a couple of days I helped some people  that I had promised to help or kept appointments that I had made .

I also made sure that I visited my mom.  I even fed my family occasionally.   ;)

What I didn't do was work my plan.  I didn't even glance at it.

When I was home I managed to do the laundry, make the meals, and clean up the kitchen after the meals.  These were NOT on my plan because they are just sort of expected.

I even managed to clean one of the bathrooms.  ONE.

During the week, I made sure that the main living areas were picked up and neat.  

I vacuumed and, as I said, I only cleaned one bathroom.  

I did not dust.  I did not vacuum downstairs - only upstairs.   
I mopped the kitchen floor and one bathroom floor, but did not mop the entry hall floor or the other floors.

In short, I did what I could and what I had time and energy for, and I let everything else go.

Sometimes we get tired after a long day, and maybe we just need to rest.

I made sure that my family had clean clothes to wear, food to eat, and ONE oasis of a bathroom to retreat to.   ;)

And really.....that's all we needed!

Although I got a lot done, I still didn't get to work my plan.  So a lot of things that I WANTED to do had to be let go in order to do the things that I NEEDED to do.

Sometimes I can get over ambitious with my plans, and I suspect that you can too.  

Some of us need a plan because we need to know when to start.  And some of us need a plan because we need to know when to stop.

In my case, my body told me it was time to stop.

This will be another busy week.  I may select one small "want" a day that I desire to accomplish.  And I might not.

Not gonna worry about it.  Just gonna make sure that the needs get done, and if I have time for the wants then that would be awesome.  If not, there's always next week.   ;)

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting. Have a blessed week.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! My whole summer has been like that, and sometimes you can just do what you can!

  3. Thanks for your transparency, Nan. I feel the same way. I can make a plan but am flexible enough to accept my limitations--especially as I grow older. I do not have the energy or stamina I once had for sure! Thanks so much for the linkup!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  5. Nan...Grace. We have to give ourselves grace when it comes to planning. And this is another week to tackle what you had planned last week that you didn't get to. :-) (For me too.) Thank you for hosting and hoping you have a fabulous week my friend. :-)

  6. Great party, thanks for hosting :)

  7. I tell new (or over-run) homeschool mamas to make a plan, post it on the fridge or cork board and then use it as a target. Some weeks they will miss it ALL and others they will be right on the mark. I think the same is true for domestic servitude... the plan keeps us more on course than we realize... like a tether point we subconsciously work around. Without the plan (for those of us who are planners) everything seems left to chaos... but with it, even when we don't follow it exactly, there is an undercurrent of order and purpose. :-) It is good to see you gave yourself grace! Blessings to you as you conquer another busy week and thank you for the great link-up!


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