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Making Your Home Sing Monday Linky Party: Seasons of Life

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I was planning on writing a different post today but there's a lot going on with my mom and so I just haven't had time.

It's a strange season of life when the roles switch and, instead of your parents taking care of you, you begin taking care of your parents.

Suddenly, YOU are the one nagging them to take their medicine, or encouraging them to eat all their dinner, or reminding them that food is fuel so eat more protein.

Recently my children looked at a picture of my husband and I taken when we were in our 20's.  Our eldest son turned to his brother and said "Look how YOUNG mom and dad look there!"

In his eyes I saw the same emotions that I know are in my own eyes when I look at MY mom sometimes: the shock that your parent has aged (or is aging).  The fear that one day, you are going to lose them.

As my son looked at me with a slightly nostalgic and sad expression, I hugged him and assured him I wasn't going anywhere yet.

Yet, how many times, over the years, did I look at my children with my own eyes showing joy and love for them, yet mixed with fear: they were going to grow up!!!!!!

And they did.  They grew up.  I kept telling them not to but they didn't listen......

It's an amazing thing to have adult children.  It's amazing because you get to see their personalities and character develop over the years and see them grow into the awesome people that they are.

It's also an amazing thing because you really don't know when it happened.  Oh, you were there when it happened.  But it all seems a blur.  It just happens so quickly.

WAY too quickly.

There are those times over the years when you're tired and just for a moment, you might wish they'd hurry and grow out of that whiny stage, or learn to tie their OWN shoes, or get potty-trained, or get their driver's license.

Wow, that was a jump, wasn't it?  From potty training to driver's license?  Did you get whip lash?

But it really seems like it went that fast for me.  It feels like one minute I was pacing the floor, waiting for my child to go to sleep and the next moment I was pacing the floor, waiting for them to come home.

The seasons of our lives are such that, for many of us, we can be too busy to realize we are IN a season.  By the time we slow down enough to appreciate the season we are IN, we are already moving onto the next one.

So we need to learn to be intentional, and learn to find the joy and beauty in the moment, for the moment will change all too soon.

Remember to hold your children close today, and call your parents and tell them you love them and/or hug them too.

Because the funny thing about seasons of life is that they change.  They are beautiful, and stormy, and sunny and bright, and sometimes gloomy, and always surprising.......but they never stay the same and they change.

They CHANGE.  For some too quickly, for some not quickly enough.

But whatever season life finds you in, remember to find the joy in it and make a difference while you're there, because it's going to change all too soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this great link up. Before my parents passed away it was a blessing to be able to help them when we could even though we lived 2 days drive away. It is different to be helping them instead of the other way around. Have a great week. Blessings

  2. I hear ya, Nan! My parents were 40 and 43 when I came along, so needless to say, I went through the stage you're in years ago. My mom died in 2002 and my dad in 2007. But yes, I so resonate with your message here today. It truly feels like I've blinked and my kids went from toddlers to now bursting into adulthood! Not only do we need to cherish the moments but I find comfort in knowing that the trials will be over just as quickly. I love your words here, "We need to learn to be intentional, and learn to find the joy and beauty in the moment, for the moment will change all too soon." Lovely! And thanks so much for the linkup, dear friend!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Love your post! So true! My kids are not adults (yet), but they do grow so fast. Have a lovely week!

  4. Thank you so much. It good we find joy where we are and enjoy every stage of our lives thanks for the link up.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting! I am trying to intentionally work smarter so that I can spend more time soaking up those moments :)

  6. Hello! It is so nice to meet you, we are so happy to be joining your weekly party.

    Please stop by and check us out at:

    Denise W. & Aubrie B.

  7. Like Paul says, "life is like a vapor"... It goes so quick and we must embrace the moments we have. Thank you for sharing this important reminder on the Art of Home-Making Mondays.


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