Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Day In The Life (Of A Pastor's Wife) #14: All You Need Is Glove......

I always get a hole in my right rubber glove.


I've even done a post about it.

I suspect that somewhere scientists are spending millions of dollars trying to figure out why this happens.

I know why it happens.

To bug me.

I can be mindlessly doing the dishes and then suddenly, I am aware that my right hand is wet.


Because it's not just wet.  It's annoyingly wet.  And it just feels all squishy and moist and ewwwwy (I don't think that's a word but I don't care).

And for the record, even though I said "mindlessly" I don't think I ever wash the dishes mindlessly.

I plot world domination when I wash dishes.

I solve world problems when I wash the dishes.

I make up weird diseases when I wash the dishes.....and then I heal them.  The diseases, not the dishes.

But I digress.  Back to the gloves.

I just get slightly offended whenever I get a hole in my glove.  I just feel like the right glove is constantly letting me down.

Did you notice that the word "glove" is the word LOVE with the letter "G" in front of it?

Do you know what that "g" stands for????


The right glove is gloating.  It's gloating at me, and it's gloating at you.

It is reveling in the chaos and unrelenting emotions that it causes in my life whenever it decides to give up on whatever we had going.

The right glove takes pleasure in my pain.

The left glove is holding its own, fighting the good fight and hanging in there, but the right glove.....oh, the right glove.

The right glove lets me down, every time.

Breaks my heart.

And maybe my pocket book.

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