Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being Sick Is Not As Much Fun As You Would Think & MYHSM Linky Party

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Last Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat and my nose felt "funny."  That is all the symptoms that I had,but I suggested that my husband not kiss me, just in case.

He said "I'm tempted to just pop a cold-eeze and just kiss you anyway."  I ducked under his arms and strongly suggested that he take cover and stay far away from me, and suggested that he may want to consider moving to another country for a week or two.  Maybe more.

Oh, sweet marital bliss and practicality.

Sunday I woke up and got up to get ready for church.  As I walked around sneezing, hacking, blowing my nose (did I mention SNEEZING?) and making other attractive noises, I decided to stay home from church that day.

Hubby is the pastor and I sit in the front row because everyone knows that that is the BEST seat in the house, right?

I had visions of clearing my throat a million times, sneezing, blowing my nose to the point where all it did was let out a loud HONK!!!!!  and generally making a spectacle of myself until someone (probably my husband) would yell "Oh enough already.  Would someone please get this woman a cough drop???"

I am quite sure everyone would secretly thank me for not spreading germs nor would they probably appreciate that form of entertainment there.  Some people just don't like geese, I guess.  (If you don't get that, please read the previous paragraph.  If you STILL don't get it....well.....sorry.  My bad.)

Of course, I could have sat in the back row and thrown spit wads at my husband, the worship leader, the piano player (who also happens to be my son) and quite possibly thrown them at someone who decided to visit that day.

I am sure that would make them want to come back, don't you?  I know it would make ME want to come back.  Just for revenge, of course.

Then a few days after Sunday my nose decided that it was going to stop working.  I mean, NOTHING was coming out or going in.  Kind of like my bank account, only not really.

My coughing was pretty spectacular.  I may or may not have coughed up a lung and maybe even a kidney.  The really nice thing was that I did NOT have a fever.  Otherwise I may have been tempted to set a world record.

Then my asthma decided to join the party.  Always a GREAT time.  You should always invite asthma to a party.  Except not really.

I quite possibly might have had some deadly, foreign disease or maybe some horrible fever that came from some animal who brought it back from space and who now hates me.

I guess I'll have to wait and check with Dr. Google to be sure.

But for now, I am feeling much better.  My nose is working again and let's just say that I may have caused a kleenex shortage at the local store.  My throat is no longer sore.  I am still coughing and my asthma refuses to go home but I will take it as I'm feeling better than I was a few days ago!

However, you may want to bleach or otherwise sterilize your keyboard before you leave here. I'll start the party while you're gone!

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  1. I am so glad that you are feeling somewhat better. My husband and younger son get asthma and it is not a lot of fun. thank you for hosting such a great party. Blessings and I hope you feel totally better soon.

    1. Thanks, Terri. No, it's not fun, but mine is well controlled and usually only is an issue if I get sick. I'm just ready for it to go away, lol!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! Sorry you have been sick, but glad you stayed home and didn't share the 'fun'! ☺

    1. Debbie, lol! Yup, I've been a good girl, haha. I haven't even really minded staying home because I just haven't felt like going anywhere else.

  3. I absolutely hate it when I get a sinus infection or cold like you've described, Nan! It's the worst! I'm so glad you're doing better and I'll send up a quick prayer on your behalf just in case the last "unwanted visitors" continue to call your sinus' home. ;) Thanks also for hosting and giving a little chuckle to boot! Love your humor!

    1. Thank you, Beth! I have to agree, I really don't like it when I can't breathe through my nose. I am thankful that I can do it now, but am still waiting for my asthma to go away so I can get out and about again.

  4. So glad you're feeling better! Thanks for hosting & God bless.

    1. Thank YOU for linking up today, Laurie! :)

  5. Replies
    1. God bless you too, Ifeoma! Thanks for linking up again!

  6. Missed stopping by to visit you and today was the perfect opportunity. Love that you do what I do, and google all my symptoms before heading to the "real doctor" or at least that is what they tell me. Often times I am right on the money with my diagnosis. Hoping your feeling much better today and at least wanted to let you know your post made me laugh and smile today.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    1. Kat, I'm glad it was good for a laugh! Have a great day, my friend!

  7. Nan...I'm glad you're on the mend. I spent the week with a sore throat and a sweet cough that didn't give up one lung but two! ;-) And I always self diagnose myself and family first before heading the doc's. Usually we can do home treatments with success, I'm glad you were well enough to get the party up and thank you for hosting my friend. Praying for your complete healing.

    1. Oh my, TWO lungs?! You must have been miserable! I am feeling so much better now, thanks my friend!


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