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"Small Things Can Make A Huge Impact" & MYHSM Linky Party

Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday linky party!  Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). 

My point with each Monday post is, what are YOU doing or going to do today to make your home sing?  It can be an attitude or an action. So have fun, do some blog hopping, and link up!  Thanks!

Topics can include marriage, parenting, encouraging women, organization, cleaning, saving money, our behavior and attitudes, homemaking, homeschooling, recipes.....the opportunities are endless.

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AThanksgiving, I wanted to make more room for people, so we removed a couple of things from our living room and pushed the rest of our furniture back against the walls.  Then we brought in a couple of tables and we all ate in the living room.

When I came up with the idea my husband and son were THRILLED.

Or not.

I didn't mind because I wasn't the one moving stuff, lol!

One thing I noticed was that the living room looked really big when we (as in they) moved a few things.  Isn't it amazing how BIG a room looks when it's empty or partially empty?

I have a large living room anyway, but it REALLY looked big after we removed some stuff.  And actually, all we did was remove two things.


It kind of makes you think, you know?

Now, granted, the two things we removed were the couch and the coffee table.  If I had removed a plant and a book, it would not have made such a big deal obviously.  But the principle remains the same.

Even SMALL things can make a huge impact in your life and in your home. 

Look around you:  

  • Where is your purse?
  • Where is your coat?
  • Do you have a dead plant staring you right in the face?  
  • Do you have newspapers lying around?   
  • How many shoes are lying by your front door or in a pile in the corner of your bedroom?  
  • Do you have empty pop cans lying around?
  • Are there used napkins or tissues wadded up on the table or counter instead of in the garbage?
  • Are there dirty dishes within an arm's reach of you?  
  • Is there a bag of chips that has been left out for several days now?
  • How many books or magazines are lying around and how many of them are you currently reading?
  • Any baskets of laundry nearby?
  • Can you sit on your couch or is it piled high with laundry?
  • Are there piles of cat or dog hair in the corners?
  • How much STUFF do you have that doesn't have a home?  Is it currently stacked on the floor, on a counter or on the table?

How long has it been there?

As I write this I am sitting on my couch.  I look around me and I can see a laundry basket that has been on the chair for TWO whole days and I haven't folded it yet!!!!

I can see a magazine that I was reading earlier and left out.  There's a bottle of water on the coffee table and my shoes AND my slippers are on the floor next to me. 

There's also a box of tissues on the coffee table which does NOT belong there.  My purse doesn't belong there either, but there it is.

Now granted, that's not a lot and it would only take a few minutes to straighten up the living room and return everything to their places.

But if I let this go for today and let things pile up day after day in every room in my home this week, I would have hours and HOURS of clean up to do at the end of the week.

I have done that.  I have let things go in favor of working on a project, or an illness or injury and it is NOT fun to dig yourself out.  I try not to do it as a rule but I can be tempted on occasion to let certain things slide.  

So whatever chaos your home is in right now, you're not alone and there is hope!  You can begin to change it for the better.  

All you need to do is remember that the smallest change can sometimes have the biggest impact, so don't feel like you have to do everything at once. 

Make your bed,unload and load the dishwasher again, throw away the used dental floss, vacuum up the dog hair, put your makeup away in the drawer, fold the laundry, etc.  Don't get discouraged and keep moving toward progress.

Just do the "little" things today.  Keep doing the little things, every day, and you will establish some very good habits that will make a huge impact and make your home sing!

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today!  

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  1. So I'm not alone! At least you put your clean laundry in a basket. Ours occasionally lives on the couch :) I think it starts to become an issue when you start can remember which area of the floor you once saw that thing you're looking for. But that's never happened to me ;)
    I'm a new blogger and am happy to have found you! Thank you for the link ups!

    1. So glad you found me and excited to have you! I have two dogs and so I have GOT to put the laundry in a basket. Otherwise the poodle will lay on it and the beagle will brush against it and get hair all over it, lol!

  2. I have been ill for a couple of weeks. Nothing Earth shattering, just a cold, but I've just not had much energy and at times feel awful. I've tried to keep up, but after a bad day yesterday, I look around at this moment at a mess. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Oh I'm so sorry you've been sick! That is NO fun. I can totally relate. In the past I've been on bedrest a few times because of my back and most recently I was sick for three months, and it was really hard to try and keep up with things when I was so sick. My family helped a lot but I had to lower my standards some and just keep up with the kitchen since I was so sick I couldn't do much else.

  3. Thank you for hosting! This was such a great post! Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Always so happy to see your sweet comments pop up in my box and happy to have you join us again! :)

  4. I feel like the time that my blog takes up in my life (and all the extensions of it through ministries as well) are what take up much of the space that keeping my house in order and clean requires. I feel strongly called to the ministry through my blog, Nan, as I'm sure you do too. And as basically empty-nesters (our youngest is a freshman away at college), I let the more pressing needs of the blog/ ministry take up that space. I keep praying for a maid to drop from the sky, but no such blessing from the Lord! ha! And I know if I will just do a few small things each day on the house, it will help lower my anxiety and increase the "space" I feel I have in life. But motivation to do that is often lacking. Thanks for always reminding me of the area of my life that I like to avoid! It needs my attention too. Thanks for the linkup, my friend and I hope you have a great 2015!

    1. I have been letting my blog lapse quite a bit lately, lol! However, my house looks pretty good, hahaha. But a maid from the sky would be awesome, lol! I do not function very well when things are chaotic as it makes me grumpy, but sometimes I do have to let things lapse a bit.

      For example, I had a very busy day and so I am leaving dishes in my sink overnight and I almost NEVER do that. Tonight I am doing it because I helped out at the church and am just too tired. But tomorrow I will follow my own advice and do the little things like unloading the dishwasher and loading it up again, lol!

  5. Thanks for hosting the party. Happy New Year.

    1. What a lovely name you have, Annamaria! Thank you and you have a wonderful new year too!

  6. Great advice! You've motivated me to start decluttering! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! Decluttering always makes me happy, lol! God bless you too, my friend!

  7. Hi, Nan,
    It is good to be able to link-up a bit this week! I've missed you. Thank you for hosting this.

    1. Jacqueline, I have missed you too, my friend, and have been rather "absent" lately from my own blog as well as yours and several others, lol! Thank you for linking up!

  8. I've been cleaning up for two weeks since Christmas!! Enjoyed your post. I am going to try to be more regular in dropping by!! Thanks for hosting!!

    1. I did very little decorating for Christmas this year, but even so, I had a hard time finding time to get the things put away. That's because we had a wedding right after Christmas that took us out of town for a few days! Yesterday we FINALLY got the church decorations down, lol!

  9. Thanks for hosting such a great link up. I really adore your site, the colours and the pictures, it looks great. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Thank you, Terri! So glad you stopped by today and took the time to leave a comment! :)

  10. Ah... looking to see how long something has been there really resonated with me! I spent hours yesterday working on our front hallway and noticed we had a box of parts to install a storm door sitting on the floor for 8 months!! (needless to say, the storm door is not up yet) Ahem... oh well! But the putting things away was a lovely feeling and the hallway looks so much bigger!!

    Thanks for hosting, girlfriend!!

    1. Isn't it AMAZING how easily that can happen? After awhile it seems like our eyes refuse to see it anymore and it becomes part of the decor, lol! I once asked my hubby "What are you going to do with that computer monitor on the floor of the family room?"

      He said "There's no computer monitor in the family room." I said, "Yes, there is!" and took him right to it. We laughed because he just totally forgot it was there, lol! He got used to seeing it.

  11. Yes, yes, yes, the small things do make an impact! Thanks for sharing this practical advice on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Thank you also for hosting this helpful link up :)

    1. They certainly do! Thank YOU for stopping by for a visit today!

  12. Nan...I'm just getting around to reading this and I love it! How true it is! When I pick up the little things around me, they do make a huge impact. Thank you for the reminder sweet friend. And for sharing at Monday's Musings.


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