Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Day The Snowman Died & Other Unrelated Stuff

So last week I told y'all to come back and visit me to see what I was up to this week....and then I didn't post anything!

That's kind of like someone inviting over for the evening and then you show up only to find they aren't at home.

But it is STILL this week so I guess it's o.k.......right?

Sometimes I think I need to have some little kids puking and pooping on me so that I can have some interesting posts for my blog, ya know?

However, my kids are grown and I'm pretty sure I would NOT be amused if they did either of those things on me.

So, puking and pooping aside, here's a few random things for you this week:

1.  I broke one of my favorite snowmen.  And here's the thing, I have NO idea how I broke it.  I really don't.  So I'm thinking the little guy just decided to go bungee jumping off the table.....without a bungee.

2.  Apparently I have NO idea how to spell bungee as the spell-check told me it was wrong so I had to look it up.  Somebody at some point had to make up the word "bungee" so it just seems fair that I can make up my own spelling of it.

3.  I was heartbroken.  Sort of.  (About the snowman breaking, not about misspelling the word "bungee.")  I went to the thrift store and there on the table was another snowman just like it.  It was almost creepy in a way.  Then I brought that one home and THAT one broke too!  O.k., not really, but it wanted to.  Also, I apologize for showing you the snowman's's slightly immodest and might even be considered rude.  In my defense, he didn't seem to mind.

4.  I will never go bungee jumping.  Ever.  Everrrrrr.    E.V.E.R.

5.  I gave my poodle a hair cut this week.  I really do not like cutting her hair and I'm pretty sure SHE feels the same way.  When I break out the cutters she runs and hides.  I'm trying not to take it too personally.

6.  I like even numbers.

7.  So, back to my poodle.  I cut her hair and then afterward I was combing it, and I accidentally pulled it with the comb.  She lets out a yelp and I looked at her and said "Well, sorry, but YOU'RE the one who wanted long hair."  She was not amused.

8.  I STILL like even numbers.

9.  I wanted long hair my entire childhood but my mom wouldn't let me grow it long. I had to wear it really short in a "pixie" cut.  I imagine the fact that I cried and screamed whenever I had to wash my hair or comb it had absolutely NOTHING to do with her decision.

10.  Did I mention how much I like even numbers?

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  1. Oh Nan, how I have missed your commical posts! You always put a smile on my face and a giggle in my....voice, throat....whatever, you make me giggle! :)

    Even numbers are good! Do think that is a sign of OCD??? I like even anything! My doilies,pillows, the folded blankets, shoes...all have to be even! :)

    Happy Thursday, sweet lady. Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Nan, my Mom used to cut her poodle's hair. The dog would not go out until my Mom put her sweater on her. My Mom thought the dog was too embarrassed for anyone to see her hair-cut. lol!


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