Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party Fun!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

 Hi party friends!  I'm Nan.  I am a pastor's wife who is blessed to be married to my best friend, and the mother of two wonderful sons and mother-in-law to a beautiful daughter.  I have a love for Jesus, a heart for women, and a craving for chocolate.  I blog about lots of things:

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Such as "Ten Ways To Fall In Love With Your Husband All Over Again,"

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and wondering  "Does Your Husband Look Forward To Coming Home At Night?"   Fighting For Your Marriage,   10 Ways To Sabotage Your Man As A Husband And Father,    making room in your heart for your husband,  asking if you're Breaking Or Repairing Your Marriage and other marriage thoughts.

I also blog about the fact that

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I Am A "Mean" Mom,   Sibling Rivalry,   Correcting our children,   Raising respectful kids and other thoughts on raising children,   Ten Things To Try Before You Lose Your Temper With Your Child, and teenagers.

"10 Ways To Keep HouseWork From Taking All Day," Conquering The Messies,  10 Ways To Avoid Getting Sidetracked When You're Cleaning, and other posts on clutter, cleaning and organization.

I also occasionally blog about my adventures as a pastor's wife.

Putting on Jesus,  Changing From The Inside Out and other thoughts on walking with the Lord

Being a Lazy Mom

and my precious family and my little boys who somehow grew up overnight. (I still don't know how that happened and I still blame chocolate.....)

I like to laugh and so I might blog about popcorn, textinghairy legs, ugly chickens,my frozen turkeyfake nails, my pimple or the pimple going to the Christmas party as well as  the pimple goes to church.  You just never know with me.  

I also have a Monday linky party called "Making Your Home Sing Monday" which I hope you will come and link up with us sometime!

There's also dogs, frugality, recipes and other surprises that I'll let you find on my left sidebar.  Just look at the labels!

Through it all I hope you will find laughter, encouragement and fun! 

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  1. what a fantastically fun blog you have. I really enjoyed reading your intro post from the UBP2014. Look forward to seeing more..


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