Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Sometimes you find yourself doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen at midnight and wondering how that happened.

This last week has been a very busy week for me.  Counting church Sunday I will have been AT the church SIX out of seven days or evenings this past week.

Our church had a big event this weekend starting Friday night and lasting all day Saturday, and so some of those times were spent getting ready and preparing and two days was the event itself and then two were other ministry events.

I know that sometimes people think we LIVE at the church but we don't, although this past week I felt like I did, lol!

I also either had a doctor's appointment, a meeting, visiting someone recovering from surgery, or a lunch/meeting with someone EVERY day last week except for one.  So I was out Monday - Thursday but was able to be home all of Friday was awesome!  ;)

I don't usually over schedule myself like this if I can help it, but it just was one of those weeks where people had some needs and I was able to help and, of course, I had things that I needed to do as well.

But I was also at the church nearly every night, as I said, for a couple of hours, and because of that I had to rush out after dinner and one night in particular didn't have time to clean the kitchen afterward.  That is why I found myself doing the dishes at midnight.

That is also why I don't have a post again!  I know, excuses, excuses!!!  ;)

I am hoping that this next week will be more calm!  So how did YOUR week go?  Do you ever over schedule yourself?

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! 

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  1. As you might tell from my post today, Nan, I truly resonate with your life and the busyness you're facing. It's taken a toll on me. I pray that it doesn't do that to you. As pastor's wives, we have so many expectations and demands on our already crowded plates. So I will lift you up and pray that this week and this next month slows down so you can breathe in the Lord's goodness, my friend!

    1. Yes we do, don't we? And we need to have a balance. But sometimes that's hard when you know people are hurting or you are heavily involved in a ministry event!

      The nice thing is that my entire family was involved and so I actually spent the weekend ministry alongside them, so that was fun!

      I try and say "no" to things and guard my time at home but you know that sometimes things just come all at once, lol!

      Thank you for praying for my week! You know that I am praying for you, my friend, and praying that you will not push yourself to hard and rest as much as you can! Also praying for God's grace and strength and healing!

  2. Thanks for hosting!! Have a great week!

    1. You're welcome! ;) You have an awesome week too, my friend!

  3. Ah, yes, we spent many extra hours at our church this week, too, so I know the feeling! Hoping this week is a little less hectic for you (and us, too!). :)

    1. That DOES happen sometimes, doesn't it? It was just a CRAZY week, lol! Me too! Hopefully this week we both will be able to relax a bit and stay home more!

  4. Thanks for hosting the party Nan! Wishing you a great week!

  5. You have an awesome week too, Julie, and thanks for joining the party! ;)


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