Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Night The Cookie Won

I just wish someone would please explain to me why I sit at the computer and try and keep my eyes open when I clearly need to go to bed.

Or why I will sit in front of the t.v. (or lie down, rather) and keep falling asleep but stubbornly force my eyes back open when obviously, there's somewhere else my body would rather be.

Why do I refuse to listen to my body and instead listen to my mind?  My mind is mushy.  It's tired.

But it insists that it is ready to party.

My body is tired, and it wants to call it a night.

But my mind - the same mind that will walk into a room and forget why I am there - says that the night is young and so are we and we are NOT going to bed before 11:00.  Or midnight. Or whatever the "magic" hour is.

And my body listens.

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This is the same body that wants a cookie.  Desperately.  And my mind says "Oh no, you shouldn't have another cookie.  You don't need it."

And my body says "Cookie.  Me want cookie."

And my mind says "You just had one.  You don't need another."

And my body says, "Cookie.  Need cookie."

And my mind says "I'm telling you, you DON'T need a cookie."

But my body says "I want a cookie!  I want a cookie!  Now!Now!Now!" with all the ferocity of a two year old having a temper tantrum.

So my mind gives up, heaves a big sigh, and I get my cookie.

Then, my body turns on my mind and says "What were you thinking? Are you out of your mind?  I don't need another cookie!!!!"

And my mind says "You jerk."

And my body says "Whatevs, dude."

Can't we all just get along?

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  1. let me guess, the cookie had chocolate in it, didn't it? o:->

    1. Oh Ethel you know it did! You know me too well, my friend.

  2. This is exactly why I love to come read your blog - I think we are twins, separated at birth!

    1. And our names even rhyme so we must be twins! I'll bet we could get into a lot of trouble together, lol!

  3. Understand this all to well :)

    1. I have to admit that that cookie taste pretty dang good, haha.

  4. The thing is, when the cookies (or "____" fill in the blank) are all eaten up, you don't have to fight them anymore.

    1. Carol, my friend, you are enabling me. And I love you for it! So true!


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