Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Day In The Life (Of A Pastor's Wife) #11, Did I Mention It's After Midnight?

I was lying on the couch sort of "watching" t.v. while trying to put together a post in my head, and the next thing I knew I feel asleep.  Except that technically I didn't really know it - on account of the fact that I was asleep.

At midnight, my husband comes out and speaks to me, which startles me awake.  Love waking up right in the middle of someone's sentence.  Did he say something or did I dream it?

He announces that he has to make a sudden, unexpected 5 or 6 hour round-trip in the morning.  He begins looking for the chord to his laptop and can't find it.

"I left it on the kitchen table," he said.  So I get up to help him look and besides, I have to get up to go to bed anyway, right?

I have NO idea where it might be, the kitchen is clean and so I can easily see that the chord isn't in there.  Eventually hubby starts opening and closing drawers and guess what?  Apparently I had stuck the chord in a drawer with the other chords.  Yay me........

Now hubby can't find his "favorite" taupe pants.  He calls them beige - I call them taupe.  I tell him that I know they aren't in the laundry as I already did the laundry, so there's nowhere else they can be.

He's looking in his closet, convinced they've disappeared but guess what?  They were only hiding.  Clothes do that, you know.  They love to play hide and seek.

Clothes also love to tighten up so that what fits today won't fit tomorrow.  They love to keep you guessing.

Hubby pulls them out and, of course, they need to be ironed.  Did I mention it's after midnight now?

I offer to iron them and go downstairs to get the iron and ironing board.  While reaching for the iron I knock a candle holder onto the floor and the glass shatters.  Did I mention it's STILL after midnight?

I can't leave the broken glass just lying there on the carpet so I pick up the biggest pieces by hand because it's always fun to see how quickly you can cut yourself at midnight.  I set a new world record.

Then I grab the vacuum to suck up all the tiny pieces and obviously the one thing everyone wants to hear at midnight is the vacuum.  There's just something wonderfully loud about the sound of the vacuum disturbing a peaceful quiet night that is so comforting somehow.......or not.

Eventually I get the slacks ironed and my hubby goes back to bed.  And THAT, my friends, is why my husband is happily sleeping and I am now wide awake........

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  1. I remember there was a time my hubby wanted to be a pastor and I was praying against it the whole time and now I know why. LOL! I hope you are asleep now my friend.

    1. Lol, Kim! I finally did get a good night's sleep! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Shelly!

  3. ah yes, a chain of events. I love stuff like this--life is often like this so that even a normal type day can have its odd moments.


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