Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Night The Dishes Almost Won

I avoided loading the dishwasher for an hour tonight.  However, during those 60 minutes I kept thinking "I need to load the dishwasher."

I was trying to do other things, but the dishes kept coming to my mind, no matter how hard I pushed the thought away.

Like a bad rendition of "Be Our Guest," the parade of plates and forks and spoons paraded through my mind.  Only not nearly as fun and entertaining as the original.

Ideally we all load our own dishes in the dishwasher throughout the day, but sometimes life happens, you know?

Dinner was leftovers so no pots and pans were used, just dishes, glasses and utensils.  So tonight, there were only a few dishes in the sink.

That's what made it so easy to rationalize and put it off until later.  If then.

Apparently, it seems that I set the bar.  If I get lazy and leave my dishes in the sink, everyone else will too. They will usually just assume that the dishwasher is full and not even bother to look.

I tried to focus on what I was doing, but I kept thinking about those dishes.  "I don't want to do the dishes!!!!" I would whine to myself.

Every time I walked by the kitchen those dishes in the sink would draw me like a magnet.  Yet still, I avoided them.

I even tried to motivate myself by telling myself "When you wake up in the morning, you'll be glad that you loaded and ran the dishwasher!"

I finally gave in an hour later and went and loaded the dishwasher.  After it was over I realized that it took less than five minutes.

Five minutes!

I wasted a whole hour and ALL that energy thinking about those dishes and trying to psyche myself up into doing them.........and it only took me FIVE minutes???!


Sometimes I forget how easy something can be when you just give in and do it, rather than trying to fight it.

Are you on the computer because you're AVOIDING something? What is it?  Do tell!    ;)  

Learn from my experience!  If I were YOU, I would stop wasting energy avoiding something and go and DO it!!!!  You will most likely find that you'll be glad you did and think of all the energy AND wear and tear on your nerves that you'll be saving!

Until the next time you and I try to avoid something.........

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  1. Ha! This is so true! I have something I needed to do yesterday and it is nagging at me. I had a sore throat and gave myself an excuse. Today I shall go do it---there are certain errands I just don't enjoy!

  2. Oh, my. I do this often.
    When I have items that need to go upstairs (shoes that need put away, a document that needs filed, etc.), I'll place them at the bottom of the stairs. I'll then proceed to walk past them 2 or 3 or sometimes 12 times before I stop to pick them up and take them upstairs! It would only take a few seconds to grab the items and put them where they need to go.
    Maybe I should go work on that right now...


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