Thursday, November 21, 2013

So I Done Got Me A Smartphone...

Well, I did it.  I done got me a Smartphone.  Problem is, I think it's smarter than I am.  And it knows it too.

Texting has never been my strong suit, and now I have this thing on my phone called Swype - or something like that.  Anyway, I just move my finger around like it's having a seizure and if I'm lucky I hit the right keys and make a word.

But it's not always the right word.  My problem is that I swipe my finger around really fast and I don't proofread what I'm typing because what's the fun in that?

Below is a recent conversation I had with my son....

For the record, I did not want to see them butter anything.  I wanted to see them "both" and said "I can see butter anytime."  Or rather, I tried to say it.  The phone had other ideas.

As for the "Lol n kill" comment, I have absolutely NO idea what that was supposed to be, don't remember what I was trying to say anymore.  But I'm pretty sure I wasn't going to laugh and then go kill something.

Another time I sent a text inviting them over to eat nachos but the phone invited them over to eat Navajo. That phone is just trying to get me into trouble.  Seriously, I think my phone is out to get me.

This is why I am now trying to proofread before I send my texts.  It's not nearly as much fun though......

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  1. I have swipe as well and I hate it. I refuse to use it. But I do have something I like on my phone that I bet you have on yours and might like. It's the voice recorder function on text messaging. You hit the little microphone and speak, then click done. It types what you just said.


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