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Don't Leave Your Child's Heart & Mind To Chance

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Have you ever thought about the fact that we will make to-do lists, we will plan parties and vacations and activities, and yet we won't plan the most important thing of all?

We won't plan how we are going to raise our children.  

We fail to plan because, after all, how can you PLAN raising your children?  Isn't that impossible?  Things happen, priorities change, people change, life gets in the way so how can you even think of making any kind of workable plan?

Let me tell you something that you already know:  Children's minds and hearts are too important to leave to chance.

You can parent intentionally, or you can sit back and hope that they will "catch" the right values.  Are YOU parenting intentionally?

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If you don't teach your child what is right, someone will teach them what is wrong.

If we don't teach them our values, someone else will teach them theirs.

If we don't teach them our beliefs, someone else will teach them their beliefs.

If we don't teach them what we know to be the truth, someone else will teach them a lie.

We cannot burden our children with something that is too big for them.  But, even at a young age, there are things we want them to learn,  there are character traits we'd like to see them develop, and values we want to instill.

Many years ago I listed some things that I wanted to do for or with our oldest son (he was around age five at the time). I wrote:

Show Scriptural basis for things when we correct him or teach him things we want him to learn.
Devotions with him.
Praise and thanking the Lord for things so he learns how to praise and be thankful.
Focus on the good things he does and good things God does.
Play with him - time just for him each day.
For Me: watch my words and what I say and how I say it (i.e. tone of voice).

For his younger brother who was just a young toddler this is some of what I listed for him:

Read books to him 
Play with him
Sing songs to him
Playtime with his brother (to foster and encourage their relationship)

It doesn't mean that I wasn't already playing with them, etc.  But by writing it down it meant that I was committing to being intentional about it.

We would also, from time to time, note character traits that we wanted to see them develop or values that we wanted to instill in them.  They might have weaknesses that we wanted to encourage them to try and turn into strengths.

We cannot easily encourage our child in their weaknesses if we don't know their strengths.  

When we know their strengths, we know their passion and we can use that to build them up in their weak areas.

For example: If your child really has a heart for service and loves to do things for others, but struggles with wanting things done their way, have them bake cookies with a friend or sibling to take to another friend or neighbor, but let their baking partner choose the cookies they will bake.  Encourage them to work together on decorating the cookies and on brainstorming what to put on the card.

If your child is very creative and loves writing or crafts but is having a hard time being patient with his/her younger siblings, have her write and direct a play with parts for her siblings or have her create a craft for them all to do.  She will probably need your guidance a bit but it will direct her passion and move her in a positive direction for working on that weakness.

Look at your children's strengths and see how you can use those strengths to work on their weaknesses. How can you encourage them to stretch a little?  How can you challenge them and build them up?

Sit down and prayerfully make some goals for your child.  Don't panic.  It doesn't have to be for the rest of their life.  It only needs to be for "right now."

Write down what you would like them to believe about themselves.  How you want them to view God, themselves, their family?

Prayerfully set some goals today and make your home sing!

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  1. Thanks so much for a great post and for hosting.

    1. Thanks, Judie. Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  2. Being intentional has been on my mind this year and I was just thinking about this last night. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be adding this post to my pinterest board on Christian Parenting ;)

    Just a side note, I wonder if you could add a option for commenting set to name/website (not sure if that's worded right). Some readers may not have a google account and may not be able to comment. I'd rather use the basic name/website option but I can use the google account.

    1. Well, pinterest said I couldn't pin this post. Not sure why.

    2. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean so I have no idea how to change it to another option. It allows google and wordpress websites, and I don't know of any other website options available.

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      Can you tell me what the basic name/website option that you mention is called? Thanks!

    3. I tried pinning this post and I was able to pin it onto my board so perhaps pinterest wasn't working earlier?

  3. Thank you for this wonderful, timely post. It is so true. May God help us to redeem every moment of time while our dear children are growing and developing in our home! I so enjoy coming here every Monday. God bless you for your faithfulness to Him! Thank you ever so much for the link-up! Love, Cheryl

    1. Amen! Beautiful thought, my friend, and thank you for your sweet words! I appreciate YOUR faithfulness!

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  5. Hello Nan...thanks for this insightful post. And I love this reminder: Look at your children's strengths and see how you can use those strengths to work on their weaknesses. And even when our babies are BIG, we can do this through prayer and the occasional word as God may direct. Thanks for the weekly link up, too. Blessings... Sheila at Longings End

    1. That is so true. We can continue to speak into their lives through a wise word here and there and prayer, just as you said. I'm glad because my babies are grown up!

  6. I look back on the early days of my parenting journey and I don't think I was nearly as intentional as you were/are, Nan. I was, sadly, so focused on getting my marriage back on track that I think my intentional parenting suffered. I love the way you've approached each problem or goal with such practical and wise interventions that we all can do. Thanks so much for this very helpful encouragement, my friend!

    1. But you were wise to invest in that marriage, my friend! Because what a treasure you have now in it, and what a blessing it is to your children (and to you and your husband, of course). When we invest in our marriage we invest in our children as well!


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