Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Then I Put My Dog In Time-Out

One day Max, our beagle, decided to redecorate our living room.  I guess he didn't like the way that I had decorated it and wanted to try a few smooth moves of his own.  I have suspected that he does that when I'm not around, but this time I actually caught him red-handed.  Or rather, red-pawed.

So this was what he came up with.  I think he wants me to believe that it happened when he tried to move the furniture around, but I'm not buying it.  I know that he hated that lamp because he's tried to break it before.  Frankly, I was impressed that my "rooster" plate didn't get broken too.  Guess that means that Max likes it.

And then I went on facebook and offered to give my dog away to a good home, but no one wanted a beagle-decorator.  Who knew?  

Next I decided that I would do a little decorating of my OWN and made myself a new lamp.  Jealous much?

What do you think?  Too square?  A little boxy?  Too low?  Too high?  Just right?

And then I put my dog in time-out.  The end!

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