Friday, October 18, 2013

And He Huffed, And He Puffed, And He Nearly Burned The House Down. Or Not.

Once upon a time my husband decided to make some popcorn "from scratch," which he's done for longer than we've been married.

He makes it on the stove, and when he does that he covers the back of the stove with a towel, because he is brilliant and also doesn't like to hear his wife complain about all the grease that gets on the stove knobs.

See?  Big popcorn bowl on the left, all ready for popcorn?  Check.  Popcorn pan on the right?  Check.  Towel covering the back of the stove?  Check.  He's ready to go.

The only thing left to do is to turn on the stove burner.  See it on the right?  It's hot and ready to pop those kernels!  Except on the night in question, hubby accidentally turned on the wrong burner.  Instead of turning on the burner in the front he turned on the burner in the back.

You know, the burner that's actually UNDER the towel?  Yup, that one.

..........and then THIS happened.  But LOOK!!!!!!  At least there's no grease on the handles so that's a good thing, right?

Just in case you're all wondering, that night after it happened, hubby went online and bought these.......



And my stove is no longer traumatized. The end.

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  1. I'm glad the story ended well and there was a happy ending!

    1. I LOVE happy endings, lol! Yes, I only lost one towel and two stove knobs, so not too bad! Could have been worse.

  2. So glad you all were unharmed - and so glad you posted it. It was great to show to my young daughter as heating season begins, to explain why we don't put things like stickers & cardboard boxes near the heaters, or on the stove. But, still it wasn't SO scary as to freak her out : )


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