Friday, September 13, 2013

Stuff (Quite Possibly The Shortest Title I've Ever Written. Except For This Ridiculously Long Explanation....)

In case you're wondering why I am being so silent on here, I figured I'd tell you that I am wildly and madly packing away at my house.  My sweet, elderly mom has been transitioned from the hospital to the nursing home, and she won't ever be able to live with us again, as we can no longer provide the level of care and assistance that she needs.  She has lived with us for six years as she moved in after my dad died.

Her nursing home is in a city several hours away from us (as that's the city she was injured in).  So I've been packing like crazy in an effort to get her rooms all boxed up so that we can send her things to her.  My sweet sister is going to help her go through them so she can decide the few things she will be able to keep.

While packing up her things, I have been thinking of my own things that I have around here.  And I realize that when you are facing having to drastically cut down on your STUFF (such as my mom is), the things that REALLY matter to you aren't things......they're people.

I mean, I know that now already, but I still keep so much of my STUFF.

And if managing our stuff, enjoying our stuff, and caring for our stuff, and moving our stuff around or cleaning our stuff takes more time and takes us away from the important people in our lives.....then we've got our priorities all mixed up.

Pictures and precious memories are really important to my mom right now.  So maybe this weekend why don't we all stop fiddling around with our stuff and go out and make some precious memories with our families and friends!  That's what I am going to do!  ;)


  1. Hugs to you! I can only imagine how difficult this transition will be after six years, not only for your mom but you and your family as well. Lifting you up in prayer. And I do agree, our stuff cannot hold a candle to our family and friends.

  2. Thank you, Natalie! I appreciate the prayers! Yes, it is a bit of an adjustment. We're still calling her old room "Nana's room," lol! It will probably take awhile, haha. I was able to see her this weekend for her birthday and it was so wonderful to see her doing so well!

  3. My husband's Nan went into a care home nearly too years ago with dementia. It is hard and we all still miss her. We bring her to as many family things as possible but that is getting harder but she does love looking and photos and hearing/remembering family stories. Stuff has no use for her anymore. Praying for you as even though this is the right thing, it is a hard thing.

    1. Dementia is a hard thing to suffer with, both for your loved one and you. So sweet of you to bring her to events when you can. You're right, the really don't care about stuff anymore other than the stuff like pictures that bring memories. My mom specially wanted her pictures.

      Thank you so much for your prayers, my friend, that's very sweet of you and I appreciate it! :)


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