Friday, August 16, 2013

What Do You Mean You Don't Need My Help?

My hubby and 20 year old son were moving a very big, very heavy OLD t.v. up the stairs.  I mean, it was heavy and was really a three man job.

Unfortunately my 24 year old has a previous job related permanent back injury (at 24!!!!!) and is not allowed to lift something heavy like that.  Plus, he wasn't home anyway.

Many of you know that I, myself, have a bad back and several months ago had bed rest and two months of physical therapy for my own back problems.  So I was not going to be able to help them lift it.

So we have TWO good backs in this family.  Four if you count the dogs.

Anyway, my hubby came up with the clever idea to bring the t.v. up the stairs using a dolly, making it a TWO man job instead of three.  But it was still very heavy. 

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at

Being a good wife and mom, I strongly felt the need to "help" them with my advice as they struggled to get the t.v. up the stairs.

"Lift with your knees."

"Did you clean off the wheels first?"

"Don't hurt your back."

"You're going to crush your fingers against the wall."

"You're going to crush HIS fingers against the wall."

"You're NOT lifting with your knees!!!!"

"Be careful!  You're being careful, right?  Are you being careful?"

"Are you sure it's going to fit?  Maybe you should try and flip it on its side."

"Maybe you shouldn't have tried to flip it on its side."

"Have you guys thought of trading places?"

"Are you lifting with your knees?"

"You're going to hurt your back if you're not careful."

"Watch out for the wall."

"Do you think we should repaint the wall?"

"What color would look good on the wall?"

"As long as we're talking about repainting the wall......."

Between advice I would help them with my laughter at the funny picture they made.  Honestly I can't understand why my husband thought I might be happier elsewhere........

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  1. I find myself trying to be helpful like that all the time. It's really hard not to :) Have a great day

    1. Hahahaha, great minds think alike, lol! Yes, it really is hard not too!

  2. Of course you're being helpful - moms can't help it if we think of things the rest of the family doesn't!! So what color are you going to paint the wall? HAHA

    1. That's right, my laughter is very helpful, lol! Hmmmmm, have to think about that color, haha.

  3. Ha-ha, my hubby wonders if we are twins separated at birth! I do exactly this but I am attempting not to. What colour? I am thinking bright, funky tangerine for our hallway. Hubby is thinking MAGNOLIA. Like that is going to happen.

    1. Maybe we are, lol! Oh wow, I would love to see that tangerine. How fun! Especially with lime green accents! :)


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