Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Another Meatloaf Monday......Except It's Thursday

When I make a meatloaf I suit up as if I were about to perform major surgery.

Raw meat and me just don't mix.  So I don those gloves as if my life depended on it.....because it just might......

Then I lay out the newspaper or plastic or something down to "protect" the kitchen counters.

Then I manage to somehow toss the raw meat all over the counters, ceiling, my next door neighbor, and occasionally onto the floor.

Then it's a race between me and the dogs to see who gets to the raw meat first.  Loser has to do the dishes.

Eventually there's raw meat all over the floor, counters and, if I'm lucky, maybe even a little in the bowl.

If I'm not lucky, we go out to dinner that night.  If I am lucky I move on to the next step in the meatloaf mania.

I add everything else into the bowl and mix it all together.  I can't decide if mixing everything together is fun, therapeutic, or terrifying.  Maybe a little bit of all three.

Sometimes I mix it together using, gasp!, my bare hands.  Not to be confused with my bear hands because I am NOT a bear - although I MAY on occasion hibernate during the winter.

Image credit: ksanders

Apparently I am supposed to use a light touch when mixing meatloaf because if I compact it too much it will become dense and tough when cooked.  So now I have to worry about my meatloaf becoming stupid and a troublemaker when it's in the oven.

And then I stand around and agonize for hours and debate whether to bake it in a loaf pan or on a baking sheet.

Image credit: ksanders

And then I party like a rock star.........or not.......

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  1. I hate making meatloaf. No matter how many times I make it, it always turns out different. Part of it is because I can never decide when it's actually done so I stand at the oven door staring at it every few minutes. It's rare we eat it around here and when we do, I now cook it in a muffin pan and make mini meatloaves. I have found they are MUCH easier for me!

    1. Hahahaha, love the visual of you standing at the oven door, lol! I love meatloaf and have made it in a mini pan but never in muffin pan!

  2. this post made me giggle. I put a message in my comment area asking people not to leave links in their comments But I still have to go through every day and delete some...LOL thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo

    1. Me too, Katherine! I suppose not everyone reads the messages we leave in the comment areas!


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