Thursday, July 11, 2013

Single, Yellow Glove Looking For A Mate And Ready For A Commitment........

I hate it when I put on my rubber gloves and they are wet inside.  It's like a conspiracy or something.

Someone in my family, and I'm pretty sure it's NOT the dogs, accidentally knocks my gloves into the sink and they get wet.

Then that person probably thinks "I am going to die if SHE finds out I did this" and so they either LEAVE them in the sink or put them on the counter and walk away.

Then I come along and put my hands in the gloves and suddenly......

.........eeeeeeeeek!  The insides are wet and now my wrists and lower arm is all wet and clammy too.


You are probably wondering why I leave my gloves on the edge of the sink in the first place.

Actually, I don't think that you're even thinking that at all.  Because to think that would mean that you actually cared where I kept my gloves.

Call me crazy but I don't think my dishwashing gloves are high on the list of your priorities and I don't believe that you lose sleep over them at night.

I can understand why they get knocked in the sink.  I've done it myself.  What I can't understand is why someone doesn't even at least TRY to dry them out.  I mean really, people......just hang them UPSIDE down!!!!  It's not rocket science.

I also can't understand why I always rip a hole in the right glove and ONLY the right glove.  I am frugal and I have saved several pairs of left handed rubber gloves in preparation for the big moment when I rip a hole in the left glove.

Then when I rip a hole in the "left" glove, in a huge moment of pride mixed with glee I can say "This is NOT a problem for I actually have an extra one RIGHT HERE."

I will then whip out the extra left glove and my family will shed a tear and gasp in awe at my frugality and preparedness and I will be the envy of every woman I know.

Or not.

Those left-handed gloves are lying in a basket under my sink right now as I type this.  Several left handed gloves are lying in vain, waiting to be matched up with a right handed one should I rip a hole in a left glove.  Which I never do.  Not gonna happen. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

They just hang around waiting patiently in that basket like a bunch of rejects from some dating show or something.

They are waiting in vain because I ALWAYS rip holes in the right glove, not the left.  I assume it's because I'm right handed but I still don't see why that should matter so much.

I can also tell you that I usually rip a hole in the thumb or index finger of my right hand.  Yes, I do feel that you needed to know that.  And in case I need to say it, I meant I rip a hole in the GLOVE, not in my actual thumb or finger.

In case you care, I also can't stand it when I rip a hole in my last glove and then I am out of dishwashing gloves and must either brave the water coming through the hole or do dishes without them.


Like earlier tonight.  I have a hole in my glove and I am out of rubber gloves.  Sniff.  Yes, I could turn the left glove inside out but that would just be a bit weird and not my fashion choice.

I feel the need to add that if I put my gloves away in the basket where they belong they would NOT be able to be knocked into the sink and get wet.

But then I wouldn't have been able to write this blog post.

Looking back I'm not so sure that that is a GOOD thing............

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  1. Hilarious! I also do NOT like the inside of my gloves wet. And so...dear friend...I do care :o) haha I have been known to use the left hand glove for my right hand.

    So...I am back from my loooong hiatus of posting....hoping to get back to the blogging that we are moved.

    Missed ya! And hope you get a chance to pop over!
    Blessings & Aloha!

    1. So I'm not alone in that, yay!!!!! Good to hear from you again, my friend! Missed you too!

  2. HAHA! I also despise my rubber gloves getting wet inside. I mean who knows what lurks in the dirty dishwater inside the glove? And then it's worse if I am out of rubber gloves from my "frugal sale stash." *sigh* What a saga. Great read. I loved it!

    1. Oh wow, good point, lol! I just can't stand a clammy glove, haha! ;)

  3. you make me giggle..Thank you for sharing at the hop xo


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