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My Day As A Disney Social Media Mom

So last week I promised I would blog about my Disney Social Media Mom's event.  It's also known as "Disney On The Road" and they took it to four cities this year.  I was invited to attend the Seattle one.  I was excited for the chance to network but also because I'd heard it would be educational and inspiring as well, which it was.
We all came from Oregon, Washington, Canada, and some of us flew in from other states as well! I woke up and realized I had overslept.  Uh oh!  I started to panic and just flew around getting ready.  I totally forgot to put on my Mickey Mouse ears bracelet that I wanted to wear.
The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel. I was excited to meet up with a bunch of mommy bloggers, pretty much all of whom I had never met before.  At first I handed out my business card like it was some sort of illicit thing, like I was trying to smuggle it out of my purse as I glanced around to see if anyone was watching.
Having never handed them out before I was fumbling all over the place with it.  After awhile I was a pro and handed that thing out like nobody's business.  Now I carry them around with me in my purse and just try and stop me, people.

Breakfast was at 7:30 and the conference started at 8:30 and if you know me, you know that I am NOT missing out on breakfast!!!!!  Especially a free one!  It was so good that I didn't even think to stop and take a picture of it until I was halfway done!
photo credit:

I got to hang out with my sweet Mindy of Momma Mindy.  I love that gal.  And not just because she let me borrow a bunch of her photos when mine didn't turn out (thanks, Mindy!).  I love her because she's just THAT nice and sweet and I love her blog (and you will too).
photo credit: Tonia Clark

I also got to sit with my new bloggy friend, Tonia of Why Not Mom who may or may not be my sister from another mister.  She was so sweet and fun and helped me navigate the waters of my son's smart phone.
You see, I don't have a smart phone so I borrowed my son's.  There is a REASON they call it a smart phone.......or maybe they spell it smartphone......
Tonia helped me figure out what I was doing and I was even able to take some pictures and get out a tweet or two, or 2,000.  Now I am soooooo ready to have a smart phone of my own.  Is anyone listening?  Hubby? Kids?  Hel-looooo, is this thing on?
I was blessed to sit at the same table with Becca of Love Our Disney, Angela of The Coupon Project, Liberty of Cafes To Castles, (FYI, Liberty's website is not working right now but she has someone working on it), Tonia of Why Not Mom and Mindy of Momma Mindy.  A bunch of great gals and we were so busy talking and tweeting that we never got a picture of all of us together.

I also wore my new shoes to the conference and that was a bad idea.  And I knew it was a bad idea but I did it anyway.  Halfway through the conference I was walking/waddling like I either had to desperately go to the bathroom or was drunk on too much diet pepsi and chocolate.  Or both.
Girl!!!!!  Let me tell you, Disney gave some swag.  I was just thrilled to be there and so I walked right by the table without even thinking anything about it, until one gal thrust it into my arms and said "HERE!"  Isn't that t-shirt adorable?!!!

The table centerpieces were all different and they were so cuuuuuuttttteee and cuddly!  I wondered whether I could stuff one of them under my shirt but figured that would NOT be the Disney way and so it wasn't my way either.  Sigh.

Disney PR Director Michele Himmelberg welcomed us and filled us in on the Disney scoop and got us all excited to go there right then and there!
The whole room was just made of awesome.  You know Disney, they do it gooooood!  I took a photo but it turned out all blurry so just pretend that I printed it and that you are impressed and just say "Oh wow, coooool!" and we'll call it good.

We were blessed to have Mindee Doney who is the creator of Boogie Wipes share with us.  She is also with Juicebox Consulting.  She really shared her heart with us and shared some of the wisdom that she has learned over the years.  That gal is an encourager just waiting to happen!

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I loved when she shared how someone told her they hated the name "Boogie Wipes" and said that it sounded disgusting.  Mindee came back with "our target demographic has poop under their fingernails."  I laughed at that because it was funny, but she was also right in who she was targeting and was right in her choice of brand name.   
Here are some Mindee-isms that really spoke to me:

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Don't let go of the things that really matter to your heart. Take a time-out (to reflect).  Does your daily life reflect what really matters in your heart?
Lead to your success.
You cannot be a supermom at everything.
Do what you do so well that people will see it and want to see it again and again.
Accept your responsibilities.  Rock your talents.  Believe in the big picture.
Help is NOT a four letter word.

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Your kids will see you follow your dream and it sets the example (helps them believe) that they can follow theirs.
Lead with your courage and cheer with your example.
Motherhood does not get easier.  You just get better at it.

Expect that life goes on.  The choice is, are you going to smile about it or be grumpy?
Expect it's going to keep moving.  You'll figure it all out.  You always do.
Do something scary at least once a year.
When you're in the lows, learn as much as you possibly can to get you back up into the highs.

Guilt trips are your gut checks.
Start as you mean to go. Ask yourself "How does this balance my wants versus my needs?"
She also talked about being present at work when you're at work, and being present at home when you're at home.  She said "Be present with your kids when you are there. Be present at your work when you are THERE. Make that time sacred." Your laptop stays in the office and your schedules are protected and sacred.  Don't let work time overflow into mommy time and vice versa.  "If I'm working, I'm working."
Another thing she said was "I let my to-do's find me."  She is so right.  We can always find a ton of things to do if we look for them.  But the really important things on our to-do list will find US.
She encouraged us to be there with our kids when we're with them and to look in their eyes and fully connect.  She reminded us that there's "no pause button when it comes to the journey."

We also had a panel of mompreneurs that had great things to say as well.  One of the gals, Suzanne Hansen of Baby Sleep Coaching, said to make our time sacred and eliminate distractions.  She suggested that we pick four things we want to get done that day on a to-do list and focus on them.  She said only to put four things that we are REALLY going to do and then commit to that.  Other items can be put on a to-do list for later.  She said that later you might find that they're already done with no effort on your part.
Suzanne also suggested that we put a password on our electronics as an extra check, to ask ourselves "Do I really NEED to be doing this right now?"  Just something to make us stop and think and evaluate our priorities.
Michelle Stepney writes for Disney Style Snapshots on the Disney Parks blog and she gave us some media training.  Unfortunately my shots didn't turn out.  But one of the things she said was to be confident in representing your brand.  She also encouraged us to "represent yourself the way you want the public to see you."  In other words, don't be fake.  Be real and be your best self.

Afterward I went to Azteca with a bunch of other great bloggers and we had a fun time talking about the conference and getting to know one another better!
I had a lovely time and I'm ready to go to Disneyland or Disney World again and I just went six months ago, but it's never enough, right?

"When we choose daily to EMBRACE life and EMPOWER potential, we can easily EXPECT our journey to be happily ever after." ~ Mindee Doney

(Disclosure: Just so you know, Disney did not pay me nor ask me to write this post.  The "swag" was given at the conference as a gift to all attendees.  I was not asked nor paid to write anything about Disney or the conference.  My opinions are my own.)

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  1. Hey, thanks for telling us about your day at the conference. Sounded like you had fun!!

    1. I sure did! You know Disney, they do everything just perfect! :)

  2. Happy 4th of July, Nan!


    1. You too, Hope! I hope you had a lovely time with your family.

  3. Nan, what a great recap of our conference! You had written down some of the Mindee-isms that I didn't catch, so it was fun reading through your notes. What a great time we had, huh? :) Thanks for inviting me. And saying nice things about me. You're the bestest bloggy friend!

    1. You too, my friend! Let's not wait so long to get together next time, o.k?!

  4. how fun!!! I love the Mindeeims, the photos are terrific, oh heck this whole post is awesome! Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

    1. I knew what you mean, lol! Glad you enjoyed it. She was great!

  5. Had so much fun with you Nan! Hope we get to meet up again VERY soon!

    1. Hahaha! I just sent you a message on fb and this just popped up. So figured I'd test my "trackback" theory, lol! It was so much fun meeting you in person too!


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