Thursday, July 25, 2013

How I Helped Superman Save The World & Broke A Nail In The Process

I don't mind sacrificing a nail for something brave and valiant.

Such as breaking a nail rescuing a kitty from a burning house.  Or breaking a nail because I chased down a thief who stole a sweet elderly lady's purse.

Or flying a fighter jet into the jungle to rescue a band of lost pizza making employees.  Or winning an Olympic gold medal in the shot put only to break a nail in the process.

This all seems reasonable and totally something that might happen to me and I'd be willing to sacrifice my nail for any ONE of those things.  Really I would.

But to lose it to something as simple and mundane as putting away a load of towels is just not right.  It's not fair either.  To lose a nail doing my regular homemaking duties is just so......boring.

So, I want you to know that I did NOT break my nail trying to put the towels away.

You see, what happened was this.  I was minding my own business and suddenly there was a knock at the door.

I opened it and Superman and Spider-Man were there.  They visit me sometimes when they need help. Poor guys, they really can't make it on their own.  They need me.

I told them I couldn't go as I was busy making lunch but they started whining.

Superman got mad because I asked him to use his x-ray vision to see if my hard boiled eggs were done and Spider-Man became offended when I asked him to kill a spider.

Finally I agreed to help them as long as Spider-Man stayed off my ceiling and Superman quit flying around the house like a fly desperately seeking an open window.

We took off and went looking for trouble.  We didn't have to go far.  It found us.

Superman took on two guys, Spidey took on two guys, and I took on the other 87 guys.

And THAT, my friends, is how I broke a nail.  Like a Boss.

By the way........I won.........

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