Wednesday, June 5, 2013

That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

I can close the bread bag like nobody's business but for some reason those freezer bags confuse me.

Yes, I know that I can buy a zipper-like lock bag but that's more expensive and besides, am I really going to let  a freezer bag beat me?

No ma'am.

Or sir.


Not a chance.  But would it be asking to much to not have to have food in the bag when I'm trying to seal it? It would make my life so much easier that way.

Somewhere out there a freezer bag is saying "You're not the boss of me!!!!!!"

Sometimes you're supposed to match up the colors when you seal and they are supposed to make a third color or something like that.  Except maybe I don't want a third color.

Maybe I like having just two colors and a third color would be overkill and clash with the other two and not go with the whole decorating scheme inside my freezer.  Did anyone ever think of that? Noooooooo.

So I match up those two teethy-like things and start the process but somehow I push down with my palm too hard to try and get all the air out and wind up crushing whatever I'm trying to "save."

So then I back off and try to go easy but then I don't get all the air out.  I have just GOT to get all the air out of those bags.  It's my lifetime goal.

My hubby has actually tried to show me several times how to get all the air out without killing anything.  He considers it his mission in life.

It starts out with a sweet "Here honey, let me show you how to do that," and ends up with snickering and "Seriously?  How can you NOT get this?"

I don't know.

It's a gift.

I can't tell you the number of cookies that have given their lives in the name of peace so that I can get that bag sealed.

What a crummy way to go.

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  1. This is just such fun!! Love to laugh, and you got me to do it today!! I'm just sure you will learn :)I hope you will share this on the link-up if you haven't already! Blessings!

    1. Jacqueline, no I didn't because I thought we were only supposed to share "serious" stuff, or encouragement or help. Didn't realize we could share goofy stuff too, lol!

  2. LOL!! And your "crummy" comment at the end made me snicker. :)

    I just got mad at a fancy double zipper bag yesterday too. Do you have an Aldi store? For whatever reason, I don't have nearly the trouble with their zipper bags as I do with the Ziplock bags. Just a thought.

    I thought of you the other day in a "lazy mom" kind of way. ;) I was rewarding myself with a piece of candy IN MY CLOSET STASH whenever I folded and put away a piece of laundry into my closet. When I ran out of my laundry, I decided I also deserved a piece for every item of my husband's laundry as well. My candy stash has dramatically shrunk BUT all my laundry is done! At this second. ;) You have rubbed off on my cleaning skills. LOL.

    1. Awwww, I'm so glad you thought of me! ;) Love that you have a closet stash, good for you, my friend. Gotta keep it away or those babies of yours will steal it, haha!

      Nope, we don't have an Aldi store.


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