Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disney Social Media Moms And The Night I Wore My Best Friend's Shirt Backward

So the other night I was trying to decide what I was going to wear to an event coming up.  I totally understand how a woman can look into her closet and declare she has nothing to wear.  I mean, what's the fun in wearing something I've already worn a million times before?

So I did what every woman does when faced with something like this.  I raided my best friend's closet.

This is the event.  Isn't it made of awesome?

Y'all know I love me some Disney. Our family has been to Disney World six times and Disneyland four times, but who's counting?  ;)  My husband and I even went to Disney World on our honeymoon!

In fact, we just returned from Disneyland last December!  We save up our money so that we can go about every two to four years.  Although recently we went to Disney World in 2011 and Disneyland in 2012, but back-to-back trips are unusual for us.

We've gone with just our family and we've gone together with other families.  Either way it's a blast.

We love it, obviously.

Well, I was blessed to be invited to be a Disney Social Media Mom, which means I get to attend Disney's Social Media Mom's Celebration conference in Seattle!  Road trip!  Can you say hoo to the woohoohoo?!!!!!

The original DSMM Celebration is one of the most coveted blogger events and Disney is taking it on the road and I am excited to hear the speakers and network with other media/blogger moms.

I've managed to connect with many of the other DSMmoms on twitter and facebook and some of us are flying in and some of us are driving in and some live in WA and some in other states. But we're all coming together for a little Disney Magic.  In the famous words of Rebecca Black, we so excited!

Back to my best friend's closet.  Seriously, you should SEE her closet!!!!!  Girl, she has shoes and jewelry to die for.

So I am madly pulling on clothes and pulling off clothes and my friend is saying "Here try this" and "Here try that" and throwing clothes at me.  Literally, clothes are flying everywhere.

At one point I pulled a shirt on over my head and said "Hey, this is cute!"  My friend looked at me and said "You're wearing it backward."  Who knew?  Hey, don't bother me with details. I am a mom on a Mickey mission.

Then I struggled to get into a dress and my friend said "You would find it much easier to do if you'd stop trying to put your arm through the side zipper and put it through the armhole where it belongs."  Seriously, some people are sooooooo picky.

Oh, and I managed to try another shirt on inside out.  I realized it when I noticed that the label was in the front.  So obviously I tried that one on backward too.

Seriously, why don't these clothes come with directions?  And maybe even a GPS?

And shoes.  I need cute shoes and my friend has some darling ones, but her shoes are a size bigger than mine.  I wonder if it's possible to grow your toes longer over night? I bet I can goggle it.

Who prepares for a Disney event by raiding their best friend's closet?  This girl.

I will probably be the only person there wearing her best friend's clothes.  Somehow I think that Mickey would be proud though.  He's kind of a frugal mouse himself.  After all, he pretty much wears the same clothes every day and you don't hear him complaining about it!  So he's a better man (or mouse) than me!

This conference will be made of awesome because it's Disney, duh!!!!

So I will be tweeting about it which may or may not be scary because my texting and tweeting skills are legendary (and also non-existent) and one time I butt-dialed 911.

But I'll give it my best shot.  Or rather my best tweet.  So if you're going to this look me up, I won't be hard to spot.  Just look for a gal whose shirt is on backward and her shoes are too big.  That will probably be me.......

(And in case you're wondering, no one has paid me or asked me to mention Disney to you! It has been my pleasure!)

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  1. That was just too cute Nan and you butt dialed 911!! No way!! Your my kinda girl!! LOL Can't wait to meet in person! And by the way...WOWEE you've been to Disney a lot of times..FUN!

    I've only been twice! But LOVE it!!

    Blessings and see you tomorrow!

    1. It was so awesome meeting you, Shari!

  2. Yea! I get to comment with your new comment box. Cheese Louise, now that the pressure is on, I can't think of anything clever to say.

    I can't think of anything to wear tomorrow, either. and I just broke my glasses and have to wear a cheap pair from Cosco. But, I have a new computer bag, does that count??????????

    So i guess i better not wear my Mickey Mouse pj's if you are gunna' be all dressed up like a grown-up...

    1. Lol! You looked adorable, my friend!

  3. I think I am going shopping tonight for something cute to wear. Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. Thanks so much for popping over to my blog and leaving an encouragement after each link-up party! You make me smile each week! Are you on facebook? Would love to like you there so I can keep up with what you're doing!
    May you be magnificently blessed today!
    Tina @ Mommynificent

    1. So sorry, Tina. Just now saw this! Yes, I am on facebook. I found you there and "liked" you, so you can probably find me from that!


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