Friday, May 3, 2013

Why Do We Expect Perfection When We Diet?

I have started a diet.  I have gained a few (or maybe a thousand) pounds lately.  Being on bed rest and not allowed to exercise beyond a slow shuffle did not help.  Neither did my eating (aka snacking) habits.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  ;)

I am technically off of bed rest (and have been for awhile, although I still need to lie down a couple of times a day to rest my back) and allowed to walk on my treadmill but not for very long and not very fast until I can build up. Doctor's orders.  So I am working at building up.

"They" always make losing weight seem very easy, and maybe it is once you start.  But you have to start.  Starting is hard!

Deciding you want to lose weight is easy.  I decided I wanted to lose weight every single day for months.  But turning the want into an action was harder

I had to want to start more than I wanted that donut or m&m's. And it's always easy to say "I'll start tomorrow" and then tomorrow never comes.

Or I would start and then eat something I shouldn't have and since I "ruined" my diet I would just go off it for the rest of that day because there's no point in sticking to it now, right?  I might as well just start again tomorrow and "do it right!" Right?

You would think that I could look at a cookie and say "You're not the boss of me!"  But I'm telling you, sometimes I could have sworn I heard that cookie saying "Yes.  Yes I am."

Something I've learned is that you don't let ONE thing ruin everything you've done so far.  You don't give up today and start again tomorrow just because there's a bump in the road.

You just say "O.k., well I ate that and now I'm back on track" and you keep going.  You don't just stop and give up and lose control for that day and eat whatever you want.  Or you shouldn't, anyway.

Why do we expect perfection when we diet?  Why do we expect perfection when we parent or in our marriages?  Why do we expect perfection when we work, clean, play or do whatever we do?

We're not perfect people.  And yet often we expect ourselves to be perfect and beat ourselves up when we're not.  Or we expect others to be perfect and then are surprised or devastated when they're not.  Doesn't make much sense, does it?

I think that deep down we accept that we're flawed.  We know that we are.  Yet when it is proven by our actions, we feel bad, and sometimes we're even a little surprised.

Making the decision to diet was easy.  Making the ACTION to diet was hard.

It's a decision that I have to remake every single day.  A decision to make healthier food choices.  A decision to commit to exercise that day, whether I feel like it or not.  A decision to eat an apple instead of a cookie.

Sometimes I'm going to make the wrong decision, but then I'll make the right one again and keep moving in the right direction.  Eventually I'll get there.

Decision has to be pushed into action, or all I've done is make a wish, not a decision.

A wish becomes a decision becomes an action when I choose to move.

Are YOU moving today?  Are you making a decision to move you in the right direction toward something?  Or are you paralyzed by your imperfection?

Are you so busy beating yourself up that you can't hear God whispering "I love you" in your ear?  Don't give up today, my friend. Don't give up tomorrow either.  Just keep going.  You'll get there.

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  1. You almost made me cry when you said,

    "Are you so busy beating yourself up that you can't hear God whispering "I love you" in your ear? Don't give up today, my friend. Don't give up tomorrow either. Just keep going. You'll get there."

    I've been eating too much chocolate!! It makes me wake up feeling yucky. Yesterday I was almost alone (of all big people) and I ate a whole big candy bar, M & M's (your fault why I bought them, lol, power of constant suggestion), and a small piece of birthday cake (not mine, I don't have them anymore) and ice cream. Nothing like adding insult to injury!!

    I don't want to gain back what I lost 3 years IS possible, Nan.

    I enjoyed this post (as always) and here in all your humor you touched a cord in my heart (but not because I need to loose more than a pound-from the stupid chocolate) but because just hearing you said God was whispering in my ear that He loved me. Thanks!!

    1. You always leave such beautiful comments, my friend! Lol to not having birthdays anymore, haha!

      Yes, He does indeed love us!

      I am determined to get back to my normal weight. I have a wedding to attend pretty soon! ;)

  2. I'm still battling that diet roller coaster and unfortunately I think I've learned THAT to perfection! I need to untrain my brain and rethread my head with a better and healthy mindset. I'm working on it with the Lord's help!

    1. You're not alone, my friend! It's so easy for us to fall into those bad habits. We need to retrain ourselves with new habits with the Lord's help, just as you said.

  3. Truth, Nan. Truth!!
    All by the grace of God for me here.

  4. yeah.. that´s why I don´t call it a diet! if I did I would never start. I just gotta eat more healthy each day.

    It also helps to join a challenge! ;)

    Just had to put in that plug!

    Can´t wait to sweat with ya! (or walk which ever you can do right now. ) baby steps! You can do it!


    1. That's what they always say, "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle."

      I can do walking! Thanks for reminding me of the challenge, I need to get in there, lol!

  5. You got it! 10 steps forward and 3 steps back still leaves you 7 steps ahead of where you began :).

  6. so glad I found you :) now following

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the follow! :)


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