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Dear Weary Mom,

I know you're tired and I know you're weary and you're living in the trenches right now..  And I know that you love those children with a love so deep and so fierce that sometimes it scares you because that deep, fierce love makes you vulnerable.

You never imagined that having a baby would be so life changing.  You never imagined that a tiny little thing like that could scream so loud for so long.

You never imagined that you would actually enjoy the freedom and oh so wonderful strechiness of maternity clothes, yoga pants or elastic waistbands.  You never imagined that you would actually long for four hours of sleep......just four hours of sleep in a row would make a new woman out of you.

Who knew?

Dear Weary Mom, don't give up.  The footprints you leave on their hearts will never fade away.

Don't ever allow yourself to believe for a moment that what you do isn't important.  Don't ever allow yourself to believe that what you do doesn't matter and has no lasting value.  Don't ever allow yourself to believe that what you do isn't appreciated, even if you're not hearing the words right now.

You aren't just raising babies, you are raising future adults.  You are raising future citizens of your country, future mothers, fathers, homemakers, teachers, pastors, etc.  You are raising future believers!

The responsibility just overwhelms you, doesn't it?  What if you mess up?  You just know you're going to mess up.  So how can you manage to raise your children to adulthood without "damaging" them and ruining their lives forever? Sometimes it keeps you awake nights.

Right now your heart is grieving because you lost your temper and called your child a "brat" or said "What's WRONG with you?"  Right now your heart is hurting because you had an argument with your teenager.

Right now you feel guilty because your child got out of bed for the sixth time tonight and you got upset with him or you felt so relieved when she finally went down for her nap.

You feel guilty because the laundry needs doing and there are still dishes in the sink and you just can't bring yourself to get up and do them and the kids ran out of clean socks and undies two days ago.

You feel guilty because you just wish they'd go to bed.  You feel guilty because you wish YOU could go to bed.

Those are the exhausting moments.  The moments where guilt is your best friend.  The moments where you wonder how you're going to get the energy to get out of bed in the morning.  The moments where you feel you are failing at this mom thing that you love so much.

These tiring, weary moments are not going to last forever.  They won't be in diapers forever and you won't be tired forever. It's o.k. NOT to cherish every moment.

Moms, please remember that every moment of their childhood is not going to be ingrained in their memory forever.  They aren't going to remember every word that you said or every angry face that you made at them.

That doesn't mean that we don't strive to do better or to say "I'm sorry" when we need to.  For they have tender hearts and so do we, and we need to ask and give forgiveness when it's needed.

It just means that, as they grow, your love is what will be engraved like stone on their hearts.  It just means that they WILL remember how much you love them.

They WILL remember the times you are there for them.  They WILL remember the things that you tried to teach them.  They WILL remember that they can come to you when their heart is breaking.

They WILL remember the time you spent with them and the things you did selflessly for them.  They WILL remember all the things you did for them when their meals don't magically appear and the laundry isn't magically done.

Unless they have a wife of their own.  Then they will see all that SHE does and they WILL remember all that YOU did.  ;)   They WILL remember when they have children of their own.

And YOU will remember and look back on all those diaper changes, and all those bedtime battles, and all those toddler temper tantrums and you might long, for maybe just one moment, to be able to experience it again......just for a moment.

Just to have your babies in your arms and be able to rock them again.  Just to hold your screaming toddler and try to soothe him.  Just to cuddle with your 1st grader and try to heal their broken heart because a playmate hurt their feelings.

Then you will smile and be thankful for the men and women that your children are growing or have grown into, and be thankful for the time you have now to STILL be speaking into their lives.

And you will go encourage a younger mom who is still in the trenches and tell her to keep believing and keep hanging in there, that there is hope that:  "Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her," Proverbs 31:38.

Don't give up today, weary mom.  Keep believing, keep changing those diapers, keep wiping those noses, keep tucking them into bed, keep hollering at them to get up in the morning.  

Keep holding the line, keep saying those "no's" when you need to, for what you do is important and has lasting value!  Keep loving those children and keep trusting the Lord's faithfulness to you and make your home sing! 

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  1. I'm really no longer in the "trenches" of motherhood, since my boys are 23, 19 and 17. But I'm so grateful that you've written this to encourage the moms who are, Nan. I remember being so overwhelmed and often frustrated with myself when I would "fail" at motherhood during those difficult toddler years. I know this because I kept journals of that time, and I really blew it so many times. I'm so glad I kept a journal to remember just how hard it was. In fact, I think I've tried to (unintentionally) forget those hard times. :) Thanks for this encouraging word on Mother's Day, my friend. I hope your day is blessed!

    1. I didn't keep journals but I certainly remember the guilt and fear of failure that I sometimes felt when they were younger, and how upset I'd get whenever I lost my patience or said something with an unkind tone of voice, etc.

      Thank you, I had a lovely day! I hope you did too!

  2. I sat here reading it going, "yep, did that" "yep, felt that" - you wrote this for me, I think. :)
    "love those children with a love so deep and so fierce that sometimes it scares you because that deep, fierce love makes you vulnerable." So true!
    Thank you for writing this, I really appreciated it.

    Happy Mother's Day. :)

    1. I'm glad it resonated with you, my friend, because it certainly did with me when mine were younger!

      Of course, I still have my moments even now as I'm not perfect! ;) Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

  3. Are you Skyping me secretly?? How did you know that I wanted to go to bed two hours ago? That I was wondering how I would get up in the morning and drive into a city for something important? That I feel guilty like you said? Who knew?

    1. Well of course I was! How else am I going to get to see those twin babies! ;)

      Here's praying for lots of energy for that morning drive!

  4. P.S. Thanks for hosting the linkup today.

    1. Thank you for linking up, Judy! Can't wait to read what you've posted.

  5. I would guess that every mother out there can relate to your words! It is no small job, but it is certainly a blessed one. It continues to show me how much self means to me and it continues to bless me and grow me. God is faithful! So glad and thankful for my family and kiddos, even though I mess up and very much relate to your words. Inspiring post!

    1. Thank you! It is amazing how many things we can learn about the Lord through our interactions with our children.

      I remember viewing my child's behavior or responses and having the Lord convict me of my OWN behavior and responses! ;)

  6. Replies
    1. You too! I hope you had a lovely one.

  7. oh my boys are getting big. I so needed this! I still want to savor the last years they are home.
    Praying God to help me.


    1. I am still savoring the time, or trying to anyway. I know this season is short as my oldest is getting married in the fall.

      Between work and ministries that he's involved in he's rarely home as it is. His younger brother goes to college during the day and has a part-time job so he's busy too!

      I just cherish those moments where we're all here together because I know it isn't going to be like this forever.

  8. So many are in the thick of it and need your encouragement, Nan. It's great to stop here and see such wonderful advice for the weary mom.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, my friend!

  9. Pinned this encouraging Post! Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday. Sincerely,

  10. Thank you for the pin and thanks for hosting, my friend!


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