Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day In The Life (Of A Pastor's Wife) #9, My Clothing Malfunctions

Earlier today I left the grocery store and noticed that the zipper to my jeans was down.  All the way down.

Clearly I was thrilled.

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to walk all around the store with your zipper down?

Yesterday I took my mom to the doctor and on a couple of errands.  It wasn't until I was actually walking into the pharmacy that I noticed I was wearing my slippers.

Now maybe YOU don't mind wearing your slippers outside the house, but I do.

I like my slippers and I don't want to get them all ruined with rain and dirt and mud and all the other spring weather stuff we've got going on out there.  Plus, I just refuse to wear my slippers to the store.  Until yesterday, apparently.

One morning I grabbed my car keys and jumped into my car to run over to a friend's house to pick something up.  I got all the way into the car and was backing down the driveway before I realized I was still wearing my pajama bottoms.

And......get  I was wearing shoes with my pajamas.

So apparently, I wear shoes with my pajamas, and slippers with my jeans, but I can't be bothered to zip those jeans up.  

Now, I know how to get dressed.  Really I do.  But in the mornings I will often exchange my pajama top for a shirt and put the shirt on before I do my hair and makeup.  That way I don't "muss" things up afterward by pulling a shirt on over it.  So at any given time I may be walking around with a nice shirt, jewelry, earrings.......and pajama bottoms.

Once I thought I was all ready for church.  My hair and makeup was done, earrings and necklace on and I was ready to go.  I even had my coat on and was nearly ready to walk out the door.  I was pulling on my boots before I realized that I was still wearing my pajama bottoms. 

Oh, and I walked out of the church bathroom with a piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.  I would have rocked that toilet paper all the way down the aisle if someone hadn't stopped me.  Bless her.

So how YOU doin',,,,,,,,,,,?  Any clothing malfunctions in your life?

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  1. Hello dear Nan :) How have you been? So good to stop by for a visit. Lets see....a little while ago I went to church wearing two different shoes on my feet. One was a brown heel and the other was a grey heel. I didn't notice until church was over and I was talking with people :)

    Have a great long weekend!

    Love and hugs!

    1. I'll bet the closet was dark when you pulled your shoes out. That's happened to me before too! I miss you, my friend, I'll be over soon to visit! :)

  2. To be honest, I look like a model all the time. My clothes are perfect, my shoes are perfect, my complexion is perfect, my make-up is perfect. I don't know what's wrong with YOU! :) Isn't a pastor's wife supposed to be perfect, or is that just Mary Poppins? I forget.

    Seriously, we women can be lowly creatures that feel good about ourselves by noticing the bad in others. (My purse is cuter, my butt is smaller, I'm thinner.) So, just think how good you make all the women around you feel with all your clothing/makeup malfunctions. That IS a gift. :)

    1. Lol! Glad my "gift" can be used to bless others, haha!

  3. Flylady says I am supposed to fix those clothing malfunctions right off the bat!! Right down to my shoes! Well, I never wear shoes in the house (I grew up in Japan, Hong Kong, and Hawaii where shoes aren't worn in the house)

    I have gone out with two different but similar shoes on my feet.

    When I had many littles I used to have this jumper made out of knit/sweat shirt type material. I got dressed for church and just 'happened' to notice before walking out the door that I had 3 inches of this jumper showing at the bottom of my dress!! YIKES!!

    I'm due for another clothing malfunction soon with twins!!! I'll let you know as soon as it happens so you can help me laugh instead of cry!!

    My hair isn't brushed!! That's it...I'll probably go out with uncontrollable frizz because I forgot to brush my hair!!

    1. Lol to wearing a jumper UNDER your dress, haha! Good thing you caught it, lol! I'm glad that I noticed I was still wearing my jammy bottoms too.

  4. ROFL It's not a flaw or anything like that. It's entertainment without effort!

    Christina @ Keeping Home (but don't have a Google account by that name).

    1. Hahaha, that's true. I'm just the entertainment, lol!

  5. Nan, you are making me look too good! ha! I've worn things inside out - always a good look. But fortunately I've managed to keep from too many fashion faux pas. Also being saved in the same church we serve in is helpful, they already know all my flaws, character & fashion.

    1. Glad I could make you look good, lol! Some clothes are MADE to look like their inside out and those clothes just confuse me, haha. ;)

  6. It could have been worse. What if you left the bathroom with the back of your dress tucked into the top of your tights? ...Not that that's ever happened to me....I'm just really, really good at imagining worst-case scenarios.

    1. Oh my........scary thought. That's why I *always* check the back of my dress, just in case, lol! But fortunately (unfortunately?) I don't wear dresses very often.


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