Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet & Greet Blog Party Fun!

Hello party friends and welcome to Mom's The Word!  My name is Nan, and I am a wife to my sweet husband and mother to two wonderful children who were ages 1 and 5 yesterday but somehow grew up overnight.  How does that happen?  Was I shaving my legs and somehow missed it?

Frankly, I blame chocolate.

I blog about all sorts of things, such as:

Putting on JesusChanging From The Inside Out and other thoughts on walking with the Lord

Eight Ways To Build Up Your Husband As A Father and other thoughts on parenting

Fighting for our marriage instead of about our marriage and other marriage thoughts

Conquering The Messies and other posts on clutter, cleaning and organization

Sibling Rivalry, Correcting our children, Raising respectful kids and other thoughts on raising children and teenagers.

I also occasionally blog about my adventures as a pastor's wife.

Being a Lazy Mom

and my precious family and my little boys who somehow grew up overnight. (I still don't know how that happened and I still blame chocolate.....)

I also like to laugh and so I might blog about hairy legs, ugly chickens,my frozen turkey, fake nails, my pimple or the pimple going to the Christmas party as well as  the pimple goes to church.  You just never know with me. 

I also have a linky party called "Making Your Home Sing Monday" which I hope you will come and link up with us sometime!

There's also dogs, frugality, recipes and other surprises that I'll let you find on my left sidebar.  Just look at the labels!

Through it all I hope you will find laughter, encouragement and fun!

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Be sure and come back Monday and link up to the Making Your Home Sing Monday  linky party!

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  1. Hi!! Visiting from the UBP... and boy do I need to take a look at your Conquering the Messies series!! lol My kids ARE 6 and 2 now and we have lots of messies around our house. ;) I keep telling myself I know it will look more presentable again on a regular basis one day... just enjoy the other things about this stage of life for now.

    Hope you have a great UBP week. Have enjoyed discovering your blog... if you get a chance to stop by mine you might be especially interested in our Feast of the Ages recipe series. You'll find it under the recipes tab. :)

    1. I remember when mine were 6 and 2. They keep you busy don't they? Especially the two year old, lol!

      I used to pay my son 50 cents or one dollar (back then it was a lot more money, haha) to "babysit" (amuse and play with his brother) for 30 minutes to an hour so I could get some stuff done, lol! Of course I was nearby, often within sight!

      Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to visit yours!

    2. Your profile is private so I can't track you back to your blog for a visit. I will see if I can find you on the UBP link up!

  2. That's so funny you had 3 pimple posts :). Thanks for sharing the love with all the link up parties!!

  3. Hey I know you! LOL! That's a log of linking ups. Ha! Ha!
    How you been girlfriend?

  4. Stopping by from UBP13 and so glad I did! Your love of chocolate, family, and pimple talk with keep me coming back. And I especially appreciate how seriously you take blogging about your faith. I understand the practically agonizing over each word. I do the same. I'm following on Twitter and looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  5. Hi! I found you through imparting grace. I will enjoy reading about your posts on being a pastor's wife.

  6. Hello Nan ! Your Conquering The Messies Series really hit home and I plan to come back for more.

    Stopping by from UBP13 and feel free to drop by my blog anytime .

    Blessings !

  7. Hopping over from UBP13. I homeschooled for 10 yrs, but now mine are all grown up. I also like to cook, craft & write. If you ever want some fun activities with your kids, stop by for our Oreo Moon Phases or our Lucky Charms Graph.

    I'll be sharing your Sibling Rivalry article because we have a facebook chat on April 23 on that very topic. I'd love for you to join us, if you can.

    Kerry Beck


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