Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Manly-Man Store

I don't go to the manly-man store very often.  My husband goes more often than I do.  I think all men have a little Tim Taylor in them.

I also think that they start a project, it's harder or more complicated than they originally thought, and they have to go back and get more "stuff."  At least, that's the "excuse" they keep giving.

I love the manly-man store.  I love to walk up and down the aisles looking at all the thingys and whatamacallits and whosits and whatsits.

I think they call them tools.

Let me tell you something about tools.  Tools are a man's version of chocolate.

I like how big the aisles are in the manly man store.  I wish they'd make aisles that big in the grocery store.  Maybe if they did I wouldn't have to knock someone's 90 year old grandmother over in my rush to get to the m&m's first.

I could do cartwheels or pop a wheelie down those aisles! I could have shopping cart races with someone.  I could dance and skip and hop down those aisles!

I love those big flat shopping carts in the manly man store.  What are those things called?  I once saw a dad pushing his six children on that thing.  I think he might have been able to have room for the dog too.

I suddenly had a longing to hop on and join them.  I love that thing.  You could buy your groceries, eat them, and then lie down on it and take a nap while somebody pushed you around.  The best part is, you would wake up in another location!

It would be kind of like your own little Magic Schoolbus, only it would be a cart instead and you don't shrink down and go inside people's bodies and stuff.

But you could roll over someone's foot with it and they'd scream and you could see their tonsils inside their throat, and that's almost as good!

I like that they have a whole section of DIY project magazines and books, so that I can go and look at pictures of all the awesome stuff that I am not doing and will most likely never do.

Do you have to show ID to get into the manly man store if you don't have a man with you?  I wonder what the membership requirements are for the manly-man club? Do you have to grunt, burp or maybe spit in order to get admitted?  If so, I can do that!

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  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Ha Ha- The Manly "Man" Store, I love it!
    Axle always loves the ones that have the cars as shopping carts :)

  3. hehe - I agree, we need big aisles like the Manly Man store in grocery stores :) In Hobby Lobby would be nice too!

    Have a blessed day!


  4. I think you're right about men and tools and women and chocolate!! My husband just loves tools!!


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