Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lazy Mom Cleans The Living Room

Do you cringe whenever the door bell rings?  Are you afraid to open the curtains in the living room for fear friends will drop by and peek in them when you're not at home?

Do you have to clear a path to your door every time you answer it?  Do you greet guests outside the door and converse on the porch so you don't have to invite them in?

If you do invite someone in, do you have to move all the laundry and/or newspapers off the couch so that they can have a place to sit down?  Been there, done that!

Don't be embarrassed.  You're not alone.  I've BEEN where you are!  Let's clean that living room the Lazy Mom way!

LAZY MOM TIP:  Cleaning the Living Room

Lazy Mom's motto: Make it easy, make it fun and get it done!

("Lazy" and "Mom" are not usually two words you'd put together in a sentence, are they? But sometimes we moms get tired and we DO feel like being lazy.  We've had a long day of doing stuff but there is more to be done!  That's when I suggest we do things the Lazy Mom way!)

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  1. I need to get serious about cleaning up my "stacks" of stuff. Our dining room table is the first thing you come to when you come in the kitchen door so of course everything gets set there "for just a second". Those seconds can sometimes last days. Then there are those other stacks in the kitchen - just over in the corner for a minute...or ten.

    My next house is going to have a parlor for impromptu guests that will always stay clean and have cute tea cups. Yeah, or maybe not.

    1. I have known of four different homes that had living rooms that were only for guests, the children of the family were not allowed to go in there.

      In fact, in one family NO ONE went in that room, including the family. It was always immaculate because no one went in there. We were over there to dinner once and were all sitting at the dinner table.

      The owner of the home said that they had had that table for TEN years and that night was the first time anyone had ever sat at the table, including the family!

      They always had all their meals in the kitchen instead of the formal dining room!

  2. "Tell yourself not to talk to you in that tone"
    Totally cracked me up! Thanks. :)

    1. Well, sometimes we just have to sit ourselves right down and give ourselves a good talkin' too. Lol!

  3. Oh such fun! Reminds me of when my daughters were young. We'd get one task done then read a chapter, get another one done and read another. Made the work fun and it always got done--we got to read, too!

    1. Oh yes, reading can be a great motivation and a great reward! ;)

  4. So, howdja' git so smart? Or should I be asking howdja' git so lazy? Love your cleaning tips.

    Ya' know, you totally could make this an ebook and sell it. Sometimes it's easier to read all in one sitting. You ahve so many great ideas and make cleaning seem fun.


    1. Hmmmmmm, I should research how to make an ebook, lol! Wouldn't that be fun! ;)

  5. Setting a 15 minute timer and trying to declutter as much as possible in that amount of time really does help. It's amazing how much one can accomplish in 15 minutes! :)

    1. How did you know I had a pile of tiny baby clothes on my husband's chair?! You are a stitch and you had me in stitches!!

      I vote YES on an e-book!! It would be a more interesting read on cleaning your house. You motivate me!!

    2. Jennifer, I love racing the timer! I always over estimate how long it will take to do something, and the timer lets me know that there's an end to it! ;)

    3. Judith, awwwwwww, I love tiny baby clothes and tiny baby diapers!!!!!! ;) I should consider that ebook!

  6. Haha ... damn that tone! LOL

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  7. Hi! Found you on Modest Mom blog hop. Haha, you're funny! But in all seriousness the hamper and garbage bag in the living room and a 15 minute timer is a great idea! I really think I will try this for my living room and many other rooms in the house. Now, what to do with all the stuff I put in the laundry basket that needs a home?? LOL. Now following on FB.
    ~Jackie @ <a href="http://www.thenonmarthamomma.com/>The Non-Martha Momma</a>

  8. You know what's sad? Just the other day, our house was so messy -and we had appointments to get to- so we had people who were coming over to meet us prior to going to dinner to just call us when they were nearby so we could go downstairs. Thank goodness this is the first time this has happened :).

  9. You know I love your 15 minute cleaning tips! They are the only thing keeping my house clean!


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