Friday, April 19, 2013

I Never Met An M&M I Didn't Like

Do you ever get tired of me talking about chocolate?  Because I warned you on my facebook page that there would be chocolate, always chocolate, and it's mentioned on my blog "about me" sidebar too.  It's also mentioned quite often in my Lazy Mom series.

I know that there are some women out there who don't like chocolate and frankly, I don't get that.

How can you NOT like chocolate?  I mean, seriously?  How is that even possible?

And do people ever accuse you of betraying womankind because you don't like chocolate?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if you don't like it, because that just means more chocolate for me.

I like milk chocolate, I call it "fake" or "plastic" chocolate.  I don't like dark chocolate, it's honestly too chocolaty for even me.

Have you noticed that I have mentioned the word chocolate (or variations of it) twelve times so far?

I wonder if any of you are getting a craving yet?

The men in my family can pretty much take chocolate or leave it, and I don't get that either but once again, that leaves more for me.  However, they seem to really like potato chips.

Did you know that M&M's are the chips of the chocolate world?  Mmmhmmm.  You can't eat just one.

M&M's are very friendly and also very flirtatious.  Also, they come in lots of colors so they can match whatever outfit you're wearing. 

But watch yourself or they will suck you right in with their chocolaty goodness and frankly, who cares?

If after reading this post you find yourself in the grocery store buying chocolate and chips I hope you will forgive me for this post.  I was in a chocolate coma at the time.

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  1. Yes Nan, your post did its job and now I am craving chocolate :) Now if you were talking to my mom she would tell you she likes M & M's, but not the brown ones. She has made up her mind that the brown ones taste different. She has believed this since I can remember :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs to you!

    1. Oh good, then my work is finished, lol! I think that's funny about your mom, lol! You need to have her do a blind taste test and then see! ;)

  2. I wish there was chocolate that didn't make you want more and didn't make you gain weight. My little friend that hangs over my belt is getting a little bigger. The more I write, the more I snack, the more I snack, the more weight I gain. UGH! I could always snack on something healthy like dried soy beans or cracked wheat....

    1. Mine too, girl! And I've got to get serious and lose some weight! M&M's are so much more fun than carrots....

  3. I love Chocolate! I have a friend that doesn't like chocolate, I don't "get" her either!

    1. Yes, what's with these people????? O.o Hahaha!

  4. Who could not like chocolate? I don't understand that kind of person. LOL I potty trained my child and my grandchildren with the promise of M & M's. It worked too!


    1. Oh we did too! Well, our children anyway, no grandchildren.

      We used m&m's and a sticker chart to motivate them.

  5. I suggested your Lazy Mom blog series to a good friend and mentioned your "...and eat M&M's." :)

    I enjoy chocolate but I lllllloooovvvveee gooey-ooey caramel even more. And good buttercream frosting for that matter. Yes. Mmmmmm. And then add Krispy Kreme donuts to that list. :) Makes a girl all happy inside. Hehe. Oh dear... now I'm craving all things yummy and have nothing and nothing hiding to help. =/

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, my friend!

      Have you ever made homemade caramel? It's really easy (although a bit time consuming to wrap the little buggers) and tastes amazing.

  6. If I had chocolate stashed right now, I'd eat it!! Instead I have eaten three chocolate chip cookies!!

    1. Oh you GO girl! You are my hero! Also, better you than me, lol!

  7. Well hello there!! Wow it's been a long time since I've stopped by. SOOO sorry.
    I have been reading though.. just life has been so busy I haven't been able to comment a lot.
    Though I will stop here and say YES.. I too have a chocolate love that goes above and beyond. LOL.
    I even have a sticker on my fridge that says..
    If I must die.. let it be death by chocolate.. LOL!!
    Loved this post.. and hope to be back sooner than later to say hi again.

    1. So good to have you drop by and chat with you! How've you been?!

      Death by chocolate, lol! I think there's a dessert by that name! Blessings to you too, my friend.


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