Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Am NOT A Morning Person. The End.

In the past, my hubby has jokingly said to me:

"You're not a morning person.  You're not a night person.  When ARE you a person?"

I have to wonder. When AM I a person?????

 Is there such thing as a mid-afternoon person?

Mornings are just too early for me and I am not cheery.  Unless I have to meet you really early.  Then it will be a quiet but  forced cheerfulness as I figure you probably don't want me growling at you.

DO you?  But seriously, if you are the least bit talkative or cheerful I will want to strangle all good Christian love, of course.

Eventually I will wake up and the smile will be real.  However, by that time several hours will have passed and we may even quite possibly be best friends by then.......or not.  It depends on how obnoxiously cheery you are.

When the kids were little I had to get used to their energy in the morning and their desire to talk-talk-talk in one long run on sentence and mommy's eyes weren't even open yet.  They made my ears hurt.

"Is it time to get up yet what are we having for breakfast I dreamed that I was superman have you ever dreamed that you were superman can I wear my favorite shirt today where is my pirate ship can Tyler come over today and play can I have a cookie before breakfast?"

And that's just one kid.

The noise from two kids in the morning was a lot harder to get used to, but I did it.

I have had jobs where I had to be cheery and bubbly in the morning, or at least not bite anyone's head off, and I did that, too.....but then, they were paying me for it.

So far, I haven't been able to get anyone to PAY me to be cheerful around my house.
But I keep hoping.

By the time night comes I am ready for some peace and quiet.  After I let the dogs out for the last time I bring them in, sit them down and tell them "O.k., you're IN for the night.  No more messing around.  I want it quiet around here."  They usually look at me like "Whaaaaat?"  Then they ignore me.

Those dogs can get annoying with all that playing and running around and I just want quiet!!!!

This is the kind of disrespect I get from them.  She just sticks her tongue out at me.

The older I get, the earlier I want to chill out, not have to do anything, and have some peace and quiet.

The night used to still be "young" at 9 p.m.  Now there's nothing young about 9 p.m.  Unless it's my kids who are still up and might even be headed out to see a movie with some friends.

So the mornings are too early and the nights are too late.

I am doomed.  Unless there's a bunch of mid-afternoon people out there who are up for a movie?

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  1. As I read this at 6:15am - obviously I AM a morning person haha :) I sneak up before my kids to enjoy a bit of quiet before they get up -- I also enjoy the time AFTER they go to bed and... the time... right after I buckle them both into their car seats and walk around to my door of the car... that few seconds when all the doors are shut. So quiet.

    1. I used to get up at 6:00 when mine were younger too. It was the only way I could get in my exercise.

      I'm loving your enjoying the walk to your side of the car, lol! Yup, you enjoy that quiet when you can when they're little! ;)

  2. I am not a morning person. Im more of a 11:30 am person. I have been convicted to get up earlier and actually your post about blaming your children hit a chord with me. I was wanting my children to have self discipline with their school work and chores. The real deal was that I was sleeping in and not ready to sit down for school work because the kitchen was still a wreck from the night before. Now I have printed out a routine for before school chores and after so that they have my full attention. Yes I want to teach them to work independently but I have to model it first. Thanks for the great posts.

    1. Having a routine when you're homeschooling is awesome! But I do remember those days where I allowed us to sleep in instead of getting up and sticking to our routine.

      Yup, we have to set that example and it's not always easy, is it? But it is rewarding!

  3. I love it! I think I've been both but for me, the earlier the better for waking up. Even 4:30, though not ideal, will work for me. When the kiddos were little, I was more of a night owl, enjoying the time after they went to bed. I kind of like your idea though - meeting right in the middle because hello, we're all usually up in the afternoon. You've got the right idea!

    1. Really? 4:30? Wow. That will NOT work for me, lol! There was a time when I had to go in to work at 4:30 a.m. but that was before I had kids.

  4. Oh Dear have broken my heart. I am the furthest thing from a morning person, anything before 8:00 am is WAY too early to be awake. But deep down inside I keep thinking that once I have several kids running around, once I am just a little bit older...that I will turn into a morning person. That I will get used to the early morning hours. That my body will get trained...that I will magically become one of those people that "naturally" wakes up at 6:30. Dear are not giving me much confidence that this is possible. I am too much like you.

    Kristina @

    1. Wellllll, yes and no, lol! When my kids were younger I got up earlier because I had too. I needed that early morning time for my quiet time and also to exercise.

      I did get used to it after awhile and even woke up automatically early on the weekends, which I hated, lol!

      But now they're older and I don't have to get up as early anymore so my body has reverted back, lol!

  5. I love it! Great post and your son's pre-breakfast conversation reminded me so much of one of my grandson's, which was always preceded by this phrase: "Guess what, Mimi, guess what?"

    I am definitely a morning person if my morning is allowed to begin late now! I know the feeling with there being a feeling of relief after the last time to let the animals in for the night.

    One question: so is your husband a morning person or a night person? The reason I asked is I heard that a local celebrity here and her husband just got a divorce for the very reason that he was a morning person and she was a night owl!

    1. Oh dear.....I didn't think of grandchildren, lol!

      He is a morning person and I can't believe someone got divorced over that! How sad!

      My hubby goes to bed before I do and gets up earlier than I do. But that's o.k. because then he doesn't have to fight anybody for the bathroom, lol!

  6. They must have made matinee movies for you!!

  7. I am NOT a morning person either. I've got two kids that aren't in school and luckily both of them like to sleep late. I get up with my oldest to wake her and see her out the door and then it's back to bed for me usually. I however am a night person and want to sit up all night long. I think it's because it's the only "quiet" time around here!

    1. I have two friends who are night owls and stay up into the early morning hours. They usually stay up until 2 or 3 a.m., sometimes as late as 4 or 5 a.m. I just don't get that.

      They both have children too and one of them is married.

  8. LOL. "When ARE you a person???"

    I am a night person and my husband is an early morning person. When we first got married, he'd bounce out of bed and say, "Hey, how ya doing? How'd you sleep? What do you want to do today? What's the weather, gosh it's nice, you wanna go for a walk?" And I would just glare at him and then turn over on my pillow. Eventually, he learned to just bring me a cup of coffee and not attempt conversation for the first hour of the day. Wise man.

    I am still trying to figure out how not to annoy him at 11:30 at night though. I want to like, have a deep conversation, and I always end up thinking he's mad at me, because he's so unresponsive. Then he'll say, "Um, do you want to have this conversation in the morning at like 6?" And I'll say NO and then he'll just give me a look. Oh, right. 11:30 p.m. is his 6 a.m.

    Your post made me laugh. Again. :)

    1. Hahahahaha! So much truth! I have learned not to try and have meaningful or important conversations late in the evening and my hubby has learned that I won't remember any conversations early in the morning, lol!

  9. My husband and I are experiencing the same thing. We're done by 9pm, the teens are just getting second wind. When they're our age, we'll be those old people who stay up late, sleep four hours, then are up early. Ah, the stages of life are sweet, aren't they?

    1. My grandma did that. She only needed 4-5 hours of sleep. My mom stays up really, really late sometimes and gets up early. Other times she's asleep by 11:00!

  10. I found a cute cartoon on facebook that I sent to my son (sooo not a morning person) that said:

    I hate morning people.
    And morning.
    And people.

    I thought it perfectly decribed his mood most mornings!


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