Friday, March 15, 2013

The Lost Gene, Or "How I Lost My Phone" In One Easy Lesson

As mentioned earlier on my facebook page, my youngest son (aka Justin Bieber's twin) couldn't find his phone.  We turned the house upside down and looked everywhere.

I was trying to explain to him that he needed to look where the phone wouldn't be.  He was spending all his time looking where it should be and not finding it.  So I said NOW let's look where it shouldn't be.

We looked in the freezer, because one time I was reading a book and opened the freezer door to get something out.  I set my book on the shelf, because everyone knows that ice and cold is GOOD for books, and closed the door.  My husband found my book in the freezer about an hour later when he opened it to get some ice cream.  God bless ice cream.

We looked in his shoes, because one time I found his phone is his shoe.  We looked in boxes because one time I found his phone in a cardboard box.  We looked in the side door pocket (what IS that thing called????) of his car because one time I found the phone in there.

We looked outside because one time I found my car keys out there lying on the ground.  We found them when the snow melted.

We looked under the dishwasher because one time I found my oldest son's keys under the dishwasher.  We looked under the couch cushions because....yup, you guessed it.....we're always finding something hidden under there.  Usually it's the t.v. remote.

My husband even went and looked in the freezer because he thought like mother like son.

I have come to the conclusion that I lose things.  I usually FIND them again, but I lose things.  And I have passed on that gene to my sons.

Mostly I lose my keys.  I used to always put my keys in my purse where they belong, but over time I have been getting careless with them.  I come into the house and I just drop everything, including the keys.

Once I found my keys in the bag when I unpacked the groceries.  Once I found them under a piece of decorative furniture. 

Another time I found them in my coat pocket.  Once I found them in the dog dish. I found them lying under a book, and I have found them in my closet, neatly tucked inside the folded jeans that I wore the day before.

So, my husband passed the dishwasher gene to our boys and I have blessed them with the lost gene.  Not to be confused with a man's inability to ask for directions when he's lost.

In case you're wondering.....we finally found my son's phone and by "we" I mean my husband. Guess where he found it?

Under the washing machine.  Seriously.

Somehow my son managed to drop or set his phone on the floor and then kick it under the machine. Never fear, the lost gene is alive and well and living in my son.

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  1. Does your son wash his own clothes???

    :) Hope

    1. No. I am controlling when it comes to the laundry, lol! They know HOW to do it because I taught them. But I prefer to do it myself.

  2. Hello,

    I have changed my blog URL one last time.

    I felt that my last one was too long and complicated.

    Could I trouble you to update your reading/blog list?

    Sorry for the trouble~
    :( Hope

    1. No problem. I'm glad for the link because I am never really sure where to find you, lol! :)

  3. You have such a witty style to writing your blog posts -- funny, but keeping it real! We used to misplace keys but not anymore. After moving to this home, we accumulated additional keys -- not only front door sets and car keys, but also keys for the pool, tennis courts, mail box & side gates. Whew, too many to keep track of until we hung a "key holder" right in our message center in the kitchen! A key holder -- who knew that could be the answer to "Honey, have you seen.....?"

    1. Thank you! :) It is really sad because we actually HAVE a key holder and it's a great one! But I think the only one who actually uses it is my husband, lol!

  4. Too funny! Once I left my car keys on the paper towel dispenser in the girls bathroom at church! (we live in the parsonage) I had to call my daughter to come and get me and take me to work and then dh had to come and pick me up. Embarrassing! So... I can so relate to this post.

    1. Bwahahahaha! That is made of awesome! I can totally relate to leaving things all over the church.

      Once I found TWO of my son's hoodies and I also found his keys. He had set his keys down and forgot where he put them, and in the course of looking for his keys I found his two hoodies.

      I also found one of my bowls (so THAT'S where it went), lol!

  5. When I lose things and never find them I am convinced my 2yr old throws everything in the garbage. My husband is always pulling clothing out of the garbage asking " did you mean to throw this away?".
    ** I found your blog through your guest post at Theenchantingrose. Thank you- I needed those encouraging words this week ( and every week :) )

    1. Oh my word! Good thing your hubby checks the garbage, lol! Thank you for your sweet words, I'm glad I could encourage you! :)

  6. Laughing over your comment on my blog!!! And yes, I am a PW. But have lived in the parsonage for 30years.... long story!! AND my family and close friends call me Nan!!

  7. We just had a similar episode with my daughter,lol!!


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