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Take Off The Old, Put On The New & MYHSM Linky Party

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday linky party! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). 

My point with each Monday post is, what are YOU doing or going to do today to make your home sing? It can be an attitude or an action. So have fun, do some blog hopping and if you want, link up!

Topics can include marriage, parenting, encouraging women, organization, cleaning, saving money, our behavior and attitudes, homemaking, homeschooling, recipes....the opportunities are endless.
Do you change out of your work or "dress" clothes the minute you get home from work or church?

Home - our Haven.  Where we relax and "get comfortable."  I don't know about you but I don't stay in my church clothes all day, unless I wore jeans to church and even then I always change my shirt into something more comfortable as soon as I get home.

But what about our attitudes?  Do we put on a more Christ-like attitude when we're away from home and are on display before others? Do we SHED those attitudes as if they were a garment the minute we walk through the door at home or an hour or two after we get up in the morning?

It's not easy for me to hold onto my patience when I get going with my day.  I can't do it by myself.  Cars pull in front of me, or are to busy talking on the phone to go through the green light.  People forget things we talked about or agreed up and I have to have the whole conversation all over again.  Stores mess up my order, people cut in front of me in line.  My "rights" get trampled upon.

When I get up and get dressed in the morning, I need to put on love, peace, grace and patience, etc. as if it were a garment.  I need to wear that garment throughout the day even when it gets a little "hot" out there and I want to take it off.

I need to keep that garment on when I come home and not quickly take it off the minute I walk through the door so I can get "comfortable." 

So that I feel free to snap at my husband if he left the newspaper lying around.  So that I can be rudely sarcastic to my children when they leave a dish or their shoes out.  So that I can roll my eyes if my mom asks me for help right after I just sat down.

Let me ask you this, when you get up in the morning are you putting on yourself or are you putting on Christ?

When you get home after being gone for several hours or after a long morning at home, do you rip it off and get "comfortable" just like me?

We have a choice each and every morning.  Which garment are we going to put on today?  Do we put on Christ?  Or do we put on ourselves? Do we grab that old garment that is just so comfortable and worn-in and easy to slip on in a hurry, or do we go for the new one which might not seem as comfortable right at first but looks and feels better?

When I put on myself, my garment doesn't look good and it feels even worse.  It doesn't fit right and I am continually pulling and tugging and squeezing all day long, fighting against it. It gets easily soiled and dirty and it always takes on the shape of ME.  It soaks up all the stains and wear and tear and burdens of the things I've gone through or struggled with that day.

When I put on Christ, my garment is a perfect fit, because He is the perfect tailor. It fits effortlessly and I don't have to worry about it getting damaged and soiled.  It immediately returns to the shape of Him as soon as I put it back on. As long as I leave it on, all the stains and burdens of the day roll off it, as He has made it to be stain-free.

Yet I am not perfect.  I forget.  I fail.  I put the garment on and take it off, put it on, take it off.  Sometimes, many times, I forget to even put it on first thing in the morning.

How often do we agonize over what outfit to wear - and yet give little, if any, thought to our inner beauty, attitudes, thoughts and behavior?  We're focused outwardly, not inwardly.

When we get up in the morning, we need to give some thought and prayer to what attitudes we are choosing to wear that day.  When we give ourselves and our day to the Lord, with His help we can put off old habits, thoughts, attitudes, worries and behaviors and put on new ones that honor Him!

Faith is a better accessory than anxiety.  Joy is a better necklace than bitterness.  Love is a much prettier outfit than hate.

"Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature." Romans 13:14.

Let's put on Christ and make our homes sing today!

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! Please do not put your own "Making Your Home Sing Monday" Linky on your blog. As always, please don't forget to link to this post so that others can join the fun!

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my post! Your brother is truly an inspiration. Blessings, Lori

  2. Wonderful thoughts on putting on the Lord Jesus!

    I haven't used any oxyclean or anything on my laundry yet. Not sure about our water since we just moved here so we'll see how it goes.

    1. Well, I was just curious about the whole optical brightener thing and I've heard that some people use it and some use other things, so just wondered what you did. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. You are a wise, wise woman. I am SO thankful we're friends.

  4. I read this last night when I linked up with you but sometimes it is just too late to talk, LOL. Usually, I stay in my church clothes...the lazy mom way...just to because I am far too lazy to do extra laundry on !!!Monday!!! Thanks for hosting the Linkup today, Nan, and have a lazy day!!

    1. I am always afraid I will spill something on my church clothes, lol! So I change when I get home. Thanks, you too!

  5. Excellent blog! Amen! And admittedly, I too often put on myself instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. A wonderful reminder this Monday.

    1. Oh me too, girl! That's why I need this reminder for myself every day.....

  6. Love is a much prettier outfit than hate <3 Love it.


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