Thursday, March 7, 2013

Purse Junk (AKA Most Boring Post Ever)

Sometimes you just have to empty out your purse and ask yourself why you're carrying all that junk around.

I got bored.  Lucky you. 

I was also curious as to why I couldn't find anything.  Lucky me.

Here's where you find out more about me than you ever wanted to know.  Stop reading now before you regret it.

Last chance!

O.k., you've been warned.  So I have in my purse:

  1. Little blue pill box (contains pain pills for my back in case I need them).
  2. Packet of kleenex.
  3. My phone (buried underneath the kleenex).
  4. My wallet.
  5. The weird white thing on the upper left is my peak-flow meter, for my asthma.  I don't really need to carry it in my purse though.
  6. Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  7. A hands-free ear piece for talking on my cell phone. I've never used it. 
  8. Chapstick.
  9. Mary Kay lip moisturizer (just in case the Chap stick doesn't work?).
  10. Check book.
  11. Mickey Mouse planning calendar.
  12. Mickey Mouse key chain (the bulk of the keys are under the calendar).
  13. "Extra" bubble gum because you're never too old for bubble gum.
  14. Hand lotion.
  15. Blue face mask.  I know, but seriously.  It really is a face mask.  I carry it with me so that I can be free to vacuum or do other things at the church (or even at a friend's house) and not worry about my allergies.
  16. Special K bar (yum!).  Always carry one around in my purse.  For realz, I'm not kidding.
  17. Worn out old tylenol container that I refill with new tylenol (I have no idea why I don't keep it in the pill box).
  18. Abreva because yes.....I get cold sores once a year or so.  Whenever I get a fever I get one.
  19. Nail clippers.
  20. Mirror.
  21. Yellow hair tie in case I need to hold my hair back (which is ridiculous because I never wear yellow).
  22. Asthma inhaler (I never leave home without it).
  23. Chewables for acid reflux (please note that ten of them are gone).
  24. Empty sandwich bag (which isn't usually empty because I keep the sanitizer in it).
 Do I really need ALL this stuff in my purse?  No.

Do you know that I was also carrying vinyl gloves and a small sewing kit and an eyeglass repair kit in there too?  They aren't in the picture because I  took them out of the purse weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I like to be prepared, so I carry all this stuff around with me.

You just never know when you might get gas and a cold sore and need to clip your nails all at the same time.

I irritate myself for carrying it all.  I am also irritated that my friend's daughter just has her phone, keys, wallet, and a small makeup bag in her purse.

I think I might harbor a little hate in my heart for her right now.

So......what's the most useless thing in your purse?

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  1. Your whole list makes perfect sense to me. I try to clean mine out regularly so it won't weigh so much but none of my stuff is useless. Really. One thing I do empty out regularly is all my change except for 4 quarters and one penny. I throw it on my husband's catchall tray and I don't think he has ever noticed.

    1. I think that's cute that you always keep quarters and a penny, because we always need those, right?!

  2. SO...another thing we have in common. An obsession to be the Prepared Mommy Scout.

    tells how I dealt with my purse!

    The only thing I don't carry from above is stuff for acid reflux and ashtma. However, I do carry my thyroid hormone and calcium every where I go...

    1. Oh how fun, I will pop over there later and check it out!

  3. I think the face that I have two notebooks might be redundant.

    1. Lol! Well, if you can't find one at least you'll have an extra!

  4. Wow! That is a lot....interesting though! My bag stays fairly clean and organized with just essentials ~ money, phone, planner. I do have a pack of those crayons the kids get at a restaurant. Think they came from Cracker Barrel!

    1. When my kids were little I was always carrying toys, crayons, little army men or whatever in my purse too, lol!

  5. For whatever reasons my purse likes to hoard pens. Drives my husband half nuts. :D

    1. Pens multiply in my purse too, sometimes. I actually did have pens in my purse but didn't dump them out because they fit into a little slot on the side.

  6. This was a stitch!! Do you want me to list what is in my purse?? Maybe not!! LOL!!


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