Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life With Gangsta Nana, #3

Gangsta Nana: (hollering our son's name up the stairs)  ____? _____?

Me:   "____ is not here."

Gangsta Nana:  "Oh, I was hoping he'd go (out to the freezer) and get me some ice cream."

My hubby:  (coming up from behind her) "Why didn't you ask ME to go get it?  I can get it!"

Gangsta Nana:  "Oh, well you're much older than _____  is."

Hubby:  (jokingly) "I think I'll go take a nap now......."

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(Note: My kid's friends call my mom "Gangsta Nana." She is 89 years old and a bit hard of hearing. For those of you who think I am making fun of my mom or her age or abilities, just know that she has an awesome sense of humor and loves to laugh, especially if it's at herself. We all howled at this, especially her.)

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  1. haha - your dear hubby :) Thanks for the laughs!


  2. HA LOVE IT:)

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    You will no longer get updates if you don't re sigh up:(

    SORRY for the inconvenience I so appreciate our friendship!


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