Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lazy Mom Cleans The Family Car

When the kids were younger my hubby once jokingly asked why I could keep the house clean but couldn't manage to keep the CAR clean.  I just figured that I lived in my house but I really LIVED in my car.

That car was a doctor's office, library, fast food restaurant, school,  toy store, storage locker, diapering and napping place and more.  I did lots of stuff in it.  I also sometimes referred to it as our garbage can on wheels.

After a busy day running errands the last thing I wanted to do was bring in all the toys, games, books, pop cans, etc. out of the car.  The diaper bag and children were enough to unload.   We had a garbage bag in the car for garbage but sometimes it got full and...well....you know....

Is your car stressing you out?  Is the steering wheel sticky, are the seats full of crumbs and do you have to clear a space on the floor for your passenger's feet whenever you give someone a ride?  No problem.  Come clean your car the Lazy Mom way!

LAZY MOM TIP:  Cleaning The Car Out

Lazy Mom's motto: Make it easy, make it fun and get it done!

("Lazy" and "Mom" are not usually two words you'd put together in a sentence, are they? But sometimes we moms get tired and we DO feel like being lazy.  We've had a long day of doing stuff but there is more to be done!  That's when I suggest we do things the Lazy Mom way!) 

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  1. I take mine to the car wash and let them do it all for me.

    1. Good point! My hubby just doesn't like paying for someone else to do it when he can do it himself. I think he secretly enjoys it, lol!

  2. Good suggestion just as soon as it warms up. For the winter, I took it to the car wash and used their vacuum and rushed to do it in the 4 minutes the machine allows. I am too cheap to put money in twice. LOL

    1. You only get four minutes and you have to pay for it? Wow, I just assumed the price was included in the car wash and had no idea there was a limit.

      Four minutes would never be enough for me, lol!

  3. I just let mine go so long that the Hubby can't handle it anymore & he ends up doing it for me. I'm better about cleaning it out in the summer but in the winter it's just too cold!!!

    1. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout, lol! Yup, too cold in winter and besides, it's usually raining, lol!


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