Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Just The Facebook Version Of A Chain Letter

Be afraid.   Be very afraid.

You've all seen it on facebook.   The originator desperately wants their post to go viral or something so they insist that only their FRIENDS will repost it, and they KNOW who you are!!!!!

Yup, it's the facebook version of a chain letter.  Do you know what that is?  I practically grew up with them running around rampant.

Basically, you have to resend a copy of the letter to everyone you know and maybe even Brad Pitt.  If you don't, bad things will happen to you because bad things happened to the sender's mother's sister's son's girlfriend's uncle's daughter's dog because the dog didn't pass on the chain letter.

So now you have the facebook version that uses guilt, sympathy, compassion and a bit of terror to make you repost.

Because if you DON'T repost then you're not really their friend, you don't care about cancer, you hate babies and puppies and you don't care that all your hair and teeth are going to fall out by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Well, I DO care about cancer (my own brother has fought cancer three times), I AM your friend, I do love babies and puppies, and so far I have all my teeth and hair, thank you very much.

Well, except for the baby teeth that fell out when I was little but I'm still not bald yet.

So I want every single one of you that's reading this to pin it on pinterest or share it on facebook, or both.

Only the 3% of you who are my REAL friends will do it, and I know who you are.  If you don't do it than that means that you hate chocolate and you hate puppies and kittens and you hope it rains on my birthday.

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  1. I do remember chain letters but didn't fall for them and I ignore those types of post on Facebook and refrain from "liking" certain ones too since McAfee says to be careful about clicking the "Like". So I guess I really aren't a friend and hate dogs and cats etc....although I have friends and a dog and cat. Have a good day my friend.

  2. Oh my goodness, Nan. I'm SO happy chain emails went away and I have no problem skipping over their Facebook counterparts (LOL).

  3. Oh the fear of a chain letter!!!! LOL, you make me laugh Nan! I am amazed at the people who really do fear they will loose family members or something bad is going to happen if they do not "send it on" Really!

    Have a great rest of the day.

    The Lord bless you! Debbie

  4. Hahaha... "except for my baby teeth, they fell out" You are too funny.

  5. Your hilarity is so igeneous!! Waaay tooo funny!! I did get a 'chain' email recently saying I'd be part of a memory thingy or something. Forget exactly. It made me feel so unholy not to do it.

    Have a funny day so you can think up another laugh!!

  6. Ew~ I can't stand guilt tripping in any shape or form. Blech!


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