Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Lose The Now. Fight For It.

So I was going to post something brilliant.  Something amazing. Something that was surely going to make you cry and touch your heart and make you beg me to let you pin it, tweet it or facebook it to everyone you know.

O.k., not really, so don't get excited.

But I WAS going to post something.  I had no idea what as I hadn't written it yet.  Then my son came home, and then my hubby and my other son came home and suddenly we found ourselves watching t.v. together and there went my post.

And talking.  Talking enough that we had to stop the t.v. on occasion so that we could converse.

When did this happen?  When did my boys get big enough to have an opinion?  When did they develop a sense of humor?  When did they get old enough to stay up past their bedtime?  When did they get old enough to drive?

Where did the time go?  Wasn't I just changing diapers yesterday?  Wasn't I just struggling earlier to get clothes on a wiggly little body, or trying to help because I was in a hurry only to hear "Mommy, ME do it. Me do it!"

When did "please don't pick your nose" change to "please drive safely?"

I know you're sick of hearing "Enjoy it.  They grow up so fast."  I know it because I was sick of hearing it.  I was also not enjoying a screaming toddler tantrum,  putting a wayward preschooler back in bed for the 15th time, or repeating myself for the 2,500 time that day. It seems like it's going to go on forever.

But when you are on the other side of forever, it seems like such a short span of time.  The long sleepless nights become a memory.  Toddler temper tantrums become a great story that you can tell around the dinner table at holidays and get a laugh.

Some of the things you remember are the things that might have seemed hard or tiring then.  Rocking a baby to sleep when you can barely stay awake yourself.  Changing the sheets in the middle of the night after someone got sick or wet the bed.

Taking care of a sick child when YOU are sick yourself.  Endless drinks of water.  Endless questions.  Repetitious answers.  Interruptions in the middle of the night, seemingly every night.  Putting your child back in bed and saying "And this time, STAY there!"

I won't say that I wish that I could do it all over again and that I would give anything to be back in those days because I refuse to live my life like that.  I refuse to live in the past.

I refuse to waste the precious moments we are living now by wishing for then.  If I sit here and wish that my boys were little again and mourn and grieve every day that they've grown up I will miss the time with them that I have now.

If I allow my heart to live in the past there won't be room in my heart for the future. 

Would I love to live some of those moments over again?  Sure I would. But my boys are so precious to me now that I would have to give up who they are NOW in order to enjoy who they were then.  And I'm not willing to do that.

So I will indulge my nostalgia with dvds and pictures and papers from their childhood from time to time.  I will enjoy it without letting it become a regret that that time is lost to me forever.  Because it's not REALLY lost to me, because I have my memories.  I can't live it over again, but I can remember it again.

And I won't lose the NOW.  I will hold on to it, I will enjoy it, and I will fight for it.

I will continue to build my marriage with my husband so that it doesn't get lost in memories of their childhood.  I will continue to love him, laugh with him, serve the Lord with him, enjoy our children with him and be his best friend.  I won't forget that I am a wife as well as a mother.  I won't forget him.

I will continue to enjoy the men that my sweet boys have grown into now.  I will keep praying for my boys, and thank the Lord for guiding us though all those years, and giving us wisdom and direction and calling my boy's hearts to Himself.  And I will continue to pray for Him to guide them throughout their lives.

And I will STILL try to enjoy the now, because this time too will be but a memory some day.

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  1. I could have written this post myself! I have four children and they have grown up so fast. As a mom, I always appreciated the time I had with them and really did enjoy every moment we share (except for when they all had the stomach flu at Christmas!). I have two in college and two in high school and the days my babes will be home with me are numbered. I am excited for the young adults they have grown into but I would still love to go back in time and relive some of those regular at home days when they were small. Enjoyed your post and hope you have a great week.
    xoxo Michelle. Come over for a visit!

  2. Precious Memories, oh how sweet! What handsome boys you have!

  3. Dear, sweet, funny Nan, thank you for the precious reminder. My son will be 5 next month and it seems like he should still be a little baby making cooing sounds and resting in my arms. Now he is coloring in the lines, loving math and building with Legos. The time really does go fast and I do want to enjoy every moment (even the bad times...I will need to be reminded I said that - haha). So thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

    Have a delightful day!

    Love and hugs,

  4. I remember this is the reason I started following you and your blog to begin with - I can just SO relate to all those feelings (and our kids are around the same ages). I agree, I don't think I'd want to go back and do it again, but those times sure were precious. I do remember lying in bed one night when they were young and thinking, 'I love when everyone is home and tucked in bed and I wish I could freeze this moment.' Now they seem to be going out the door as I'm going to bed. LOVE this post. ♥

  5. My four Little Woman are in bed for the night and the house is wonderful and quiet. :) Trying to enjoy every minute of now!!

  6. My two precious daughtwrs are grown with children of their own now, and those grandbabies are growing up just as fast as my girls did. Your post was beautifully said Nan. I don't wish for the yesterday's to come back, but as we get older we see areas where we could have done differently, but that comes with maturity.
    Living for the now is just how God would want us to live, praising Him all along the way.

    Thank you for the laughs I find here on your sweet blog. (when I have time to get here. :)


  7. My daughter is 32 our five grandchildren sleep soundly knowing they are loved by so many, Great post thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo

  8. Time flies and before you know it your married for 5 years with two kids! It's so easy to get caught up with life and forget to stay in the moment but we have to treasure it. And you're right. We have to fight for it. Thank you for sharing and for linking up with HWC!

    Christy Joy

  9. I'm stopping by from Mommy Moments linkup. I love the perspective here. I am right smack in the middle of childrearing. All three of mine are in elementary school and I look back wistfully at the early years and hesitantly at the teen years. It does go fast. I don't like it much :) I'm now following along through bloglovin.


  10. Such a touching post! Time sure does fly. I am a mother of four little ones and I find myself tearing up often at the thought of how fast they are growing up. My oldest is nine. She is at the age now where all I think about is protecting her innocence. I want her to enjoy her childhood years because before I know it she will be in high school.

  11. Thank you for this great reminder. I've pinned it!

    (Stopping by from the Wise Woman Link-Up)

  12. Aw, beautiful thoughts! So true. Thanks for linking up with the Write Mama blog hop! :)


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