Friday, March 29, 2013

Are You In The Waiting Room With God?

I was in the doctor's office, trying to be patient while waiting for my name to be called.

I brought a book to read and tried to read it, but there were lots of people there and I was distracted by their talking, by children running around, by people coming and going.  Finally I gave up and just sat there.

Every time a door opened I looked up.  Was it my turn?  Was it the nurse coming to call my name?  Was there finally going to be an end to this interminable waiting? Was I finally going to get the chance to put this behind me and get ON with my life?

If I had read my book I would have been able to distract myself with something pleasant, and time would have passed much more quickly.

If I had allowed myself to get interested in what was going on around me, I might have had a pleasant talk with the friendly looking gal next to me, or played peekaboo with that sweet little baby, or asked the little boy how old he was.   

I might have been able to forget how I was feeling for awhile and get my mind on something else instead of dwelling on the pain.

Instead, my focus was on the door.

Sometimes during difficult times it can feel like you are in the waiting room with God.  Waiting and waiting for Him to call your name.

Waiting for it to be your turn.  Waiting for Him to deliver you out of the waiting room into the room where the Doctor is IN.  Waiting for it to be over!

It's hard to be in that waiting room.  Waiting can seem like forever.  Waiting can seem pointless.  Waiting can seem painful.  Waiting can seem unfair, after all, weren't you here first?

But you have to remember that, just as that nurse eventually called my name, God is going to call YOUR name.  He is not going to forget about you.  He loves you!

A lot can happen in that waiting room with God.  We can grow in patience, and trust, and faith.  We can reach out to others who are hurting.

We can get involved in what is going on around us and take joy in Him, even when the circumstances seem difficult.  Because we know God's GOT this and He is going to call our name.

We can trust in His timing, we can trust in His plan, and we can trust in His purpose.

Or we can sit there and stare at the door.  Oblivious to everyone and everything.

Are YOU in the waiting room with God?  What are you going to focus on today?  Are you going to try and enjoy those around you and keep moving forward and wait patiently for God to deliver you?  Or are you going to just sit and stare at the door?

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  1. Great inspiring post, I know I will be reminded of this on Monday when I sit in the dentist waiting room, waiting for my name to be called, I'll try and recall what you said about getting involved in my surroundings and try to be a blessing to someone so the tooth ache won't seem as bad.
    Have a Happy Easter.

    1. I'm sorry you have a tooth ache! I have to go to the dentist soon myself as I cracked a tooth. I really don't like going to the dentist, lol! You have a lovely Easter too!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to patiently wait on God's timing. Not something that necessarily comes easily, but still very important.

    1. Nope, it's never easy to wait but fortunately we have a God who is willing to help us learn patience! ;)

  3. Wow, just wow. This will give me a whole new perspective on my doctor visits and waiting in general. Sometimes I get so distracted and then start judging people - 'How can they talk on their cell phone in this room of people!?' or 'Why do they keep overbooking appointments here?' and I know I'm just transferring my anxiety onto the closest culpret but that doesn't make it OK. Thank you for this - GREAT post!!

    1. Thank YOU for your sweet comments! Once I was waiting for my PT appt. and a grandma was in there reading a book to her granddaughter.

      You would assume that this gal would try and read in a quiet voice out of respect for others But this gal was reading in a loud voice. She wasn't that old so I don't think she was hard of hearing. I just think she was unaware at the disturbance she was causing.

      She read that book over and over and over, lol! I was never so thankful for my PT to call my name, haha!

  4. God's timing is perfect. Amen!

    I hope your Doctor appointment went smoothly. :)

    1. Yes, His timing is always perfect! It went very well, thank you! :)

  5. Great encouragement today. Thanks!

  6. Been staring at that door for a few years, and it won't be opened for 6 3/4 more years when an Innocent Man is finally let out of prison.

    This is the song that gets me through many days. Because deliverance isn't always on earth and it isn't always physical, but we WILL ALWAYS BE DELIVERED spiritually!

    1. Amen! God has got a work for him or IN him while he is in prison. God hasn't forgotten about him either! :)


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