Friday, February 15, 2013

Who, Me?

Who, me????

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  1. hehe :) I remember coming home to our little Yorkie (now passed away) and he would have trash strewn all over the place!

    Thanks for the laugh and smile.

    Hugs to you,

  2. Oh, I am sorry about your sweet puppy dog! We have lost a few dogs over the years and it always hurts so much. They become like family!

    My dog looks like a yorkie but she is actually a toy poodle. She is a brindle color. Her mom is an apricot poodle with a little cream and brown in her, and her daddy is a black poodle.

    I only saw one of her brothers that was left, and he was black but I loved Kenzie's coloring so we chose HER.

    Her hair doesn't curl as much as her parent's hair or her brother's hair, not sure why. Maybe some poodles are just like that. Many people are surprised when they hear she's a poodle.

  3. I think she is cute!! I don't like all dogs either. What is this thing about dogs today?? I sit down to read blogs and this is the SECOND post in a row about dogs, LOL!!

    Should I blog about my dog?? Hahahaha!! She is camera shy and walks away when she see my camera!!

  4. Really? I can stick my camera right in my dogs' faces and they are like "What's that?" and come closer, lol!

    Except they don't "pose" for the camera and that's annoying when they're being cute and move before I can get the shot, lol! I need a better camera but can't afford one, lol!

  5. Dog's are hilarious with their expressions. My girls giggle their heads off when I put words to our dog's looks. I change my voice to sound kinda dumb'ish and they just laugh harder... and the dog looks at me like, "Really?! Oh brother." Haha.

  6. When the kids were little we read a library book called "Dogzilla." The kids asked us to read it every day.

    So my hubby and I took turns using silly voices. Then the kids wanted a turn. We read that book every night for several weeks, each of us taking turns with silly voices, lol!

    Here's the link, lol!


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