Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Broken Places

Sometimes we forget that God's plan for us includes our brokenness.

We think we have nothing to offer when we're hurting.  We think we can do nothing for Him or anyone else when we are struggling to hold on.

We think that all there is for us is pain, and emptiness and hopelessness.

We forget that God's plan for us includes our brokenness. 

We forget that we have a future and a hope.  We forget that the dark times are just temporary.  We don't have to live there.

This is the sacrifice of praise.  When we give our brokenness to Jesus.

When we say "no" to our desire to curl into a ball of bitterness, anger and self-pity and say "yes" to Jesus.  When we keep trusting Him, even when, especially when it hurts.

When we give Him our brokenness and let Him put the pieces back together again in His timing and in His way.

What if He can use us better broken?

What if our perception of broken is His perception of strength?  Because in our brokenness we experience His strength.

I know one thing.  I am stronger WITH Jesus than I am without Him.

So we give Him the broken pieces.  Maybe the pieces don't fit together the way we thought they would, or even the way we think they should, but we just keep trusting Him. 

Because we know that He can make the broken places beautiful.

Because He is the puzzle maker.  He makes all things fit.

Are YOU broken today? Give it to Jesus.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are soooooo right.

    "This is the sacrifice of praise. When we give our brokenness to Jesus." It truly is a sacrifice sometimes, isn't it?

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency today!

    1. Yes it is a sacrifice sometimes, especially when you're hurting. But He never disappoints!

  2. Oh my sweet friend, this was beautiful! "We forget that God's plan for us includes our brokeness." Well said!

    You are absolutely right, we are stronger WITH God - thank you for sharing.


    1. Yes we are, which makes me wonder why I tend to go off in my own strength sometimes..... O.o

  3. Hello Nan,

    I have KNOWN broken. Some of those broken places have been restored, some are still in progress; I am breathlessly waiting to see God's hand in those areas.

    God is faithful and His mercy endures forever!


    1. Amen, sweet sister! He IS faithful and certainly worth of our trust!

  4. "What if our perception of broken is His perception of strength?" Definitely something to pray on.

    The other day I read this in Choice Gleaning's daily calendar. Your post brought it back to mind and if you don't mind, I'll type it,
    JAMES 1:2-4

    Some scientists created artificial environments to study the effect of various conditions on tree growth. As they matured, some trees began to bend and snap under their own weight. The issue was identified as an absence of wind. Whilst a challenge, wind makes trees flexible and causes roots to spread, so that they become more able to withstand storms. So in life, difficulties, disappointments and frustrations can help us mature and grow in spiritual strength. -Brian Powlesland

    Shine through the cloud and rain, through sorrow, toil and pain; Make Thou my pathway plain, teach me Thy way." -B.M. Ramsey

    I found this very comforting. God wants our roots to be deep in His care.

    1. That's beautiful Tandis and so true. Same as a baby who needs to strengthen its arms and legs by crawling before it can walk. Thanks for sharing!


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