Friday, February 22, 2013

I Think I Broke My Funny Bone

I went to sit down and write my blog post and I hit my funny bone.

I no longer feel funny.

In fact, I am in pain and I may have quite possibly broken my funny bone and probably will need surgery. 

Technically, this would all be YOUR fault, you know, as I was starting to write a blog post. 

I should consult Dr. Google.  I hope you all will send flowers.  And bring chocolate when you come visit me.  I like chocolate.  And also send a maid because I am definitely going to need a maid until my broken funny bone heals.  Will you sign my cast?

If you break your funny bone does it then become your grumpy bone?

Because I think mine definitely has possibilities.

Except that you really can't BREAK your funny bone because it's not a bone.  It's a nerve.

So would I be correct in saying that my funny bone is getting on my last nerve?

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  1. I think your funny bone is still working just fine even though you may be feeling some residual pain. Thanks for making my day again. 8)

  2. I agree with Lynda, I think your funny bone is working just fine :) And Nan, I cannot imagine you ever grumpy - I think it's impossible!

    Happy weekend!


    1. Oh it's possible! I was crying Wed. when I was at physical therapy and had to do a lot of praying that day as I was not in the best mood. Pain does that, lol! :)

  3. Is that where that saying comes, "You're getting on my nerves?" But some creative Mommy tried cheering herself up (Maybe on a Monday morning?) and changed it to "Funny bone" instead??

    1. You know, it does make you wonder where all those old sayings come from, doesn't it? I think the name funny bone comes because the funny bone is actually called the "ulnar nerve." So when it is bumped against the "humerus" (which is the bone in the upper arm) it causes the pain. So humerus = humorous = funny. Makes sense anyway!

  4. We can't do without your funny bone! Better get it seen to or else!

  5. and why do they call it the Funny Bone? when i hit it, i don't feel funny either, I want to say naughty words. it should be called the Naughty Nerve.

  6. I hit my funny humerus bone yesterday and I was yelping in pain!! YOU are the funny bone and keep all us ladies laughing. Just in case anyone comes along and thinks your posts are just not spiritual enough...they are!! The Bible talks about laughter being good medicine are and we are all here laughing at your pain!!

  7. I hate when that happens thankfully the pain goes away quickly with that. thanks for visiting my blog about a week or so ago.


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