Friday, January 11, 2013

You're The Reason Mommy Can't Have Nice Things

My dog, Kenzie, likes to hang out with me when I'm in the kitchen.  She's always hoping I will drop something and her patience is usually rewarded.

I'm sure she's saying "Please, stop with the pictures already and go cook something and please, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you drop some food already?!!  I'm tired of waiting."

"Hey, look what I found!!!  Hmmmmmm.  This doesn't smell very good and green isn't really my color.  It clashes with my eyes.  Oh well.  Let's try the taste test before someone takes it away from me."

"Whaaat? I'm not doing anything. Maybe if I quickly look away and try and look innocent she won't notice anything.  This is me looking away.  See?  I sure wish I could whistle."

"Can I help you with something?  No??  O.k.  Well, you just go ahead and do whatever it is you do.  I'll just sit here and chill in my bed.  No really, I'm fine.  No worries.  No, seriously, I'm FINE.   You don't have to come back and check on me.  I'm not gonna do anything....."

"Finally!!!!!  I thought she'd NEVER leave. Now let's get down to business."

 "I'm sorry.  Were you going to USE this????????"

Sometimes I just have to tell my dog...........

"You're the reason mommy can't have nice things!"

(Well, that and the fact that I grabbed the camera instead of taking this away from her.  But no worries, she hasn't chewed anything since!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Awwww, thanks! She's a little spoiled diva but I love her, lol!

  2. Awww...Kenzie is adorable :) I enjoyed the pictures and the story that went along. I will have to show my son and read it to him - he loves animals.

    Have a great weekend, Nan!


    1. Oh how sweet! I hope he enjoys it and tell him I said "hi!" I'm sure Kenzie would love to cuddle with him and lick his little face off, lol!

  3. I can't have nice things because my kids are THAT age. =/ The age of distruction...or take it to play with and never return. The dog just licks it and gives it back. ugh.

    1. So true about the dog. I remember that age. My youngest son broke two lamps, a t.v. and a VCR (remember those? Lol!) all before he turned two years old. He was a little destructive dynamo.

      His older brother made a nice mural on all the walls and doors in the hallway. Have no idea what *I* was doing during all of this, lol!

  4. Kenzie blogs beautifully! And I wish I could pick her up and love on her. I can just picture her whistling away, so nonchalantly.

    That's one sweet companion, Nan!

    1. I wish you could too. She's a good cuddler!

  5. It seems like having a puppy is just like having a child. I actually found myself giddy with excitement over the fact that I will get to buy new pots and pans when the kids move out and stop starting stuff on fire and scraping the teflon off my pans!


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