Thursday, January 10, 2013

Putting Our Own Limits On A God Who Lives Outside of Them

Do you ever put limits on God?

I know I do sometimes.  I just don't dream big enough.  I just don't think big enough.  I just don't pray big enough.

Once my son came to me in tears with a favorite toy.  He believed it was broken and he was devastated.  I fixed it in minutes by popping a few things back in place and putting it back together.  He was shocked and thrilled.

He didn't know that it COULD be put back together again.  It didn't even occur to him that it could be.  He thought it was broken forever.

Sometimes we are afraid that something is broken forever.  Sometimes we are afraid that something can't be fixed.  Sometimes it doesn't even occur to us that it CAN be fixed and so we don't dream.  We don't hope.  We don't pray.

Or, when we do pray, we might try and "help" God out with our ideas of how He should fix everything.

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 How easy it is to put our own limits on a God who is outside of them.

We put limits on a God who lives outside of limits.

Maybe a relationship is broken forever - but it doesn't mean that WE have to be broken forever.

Maybe a health or finance problem can't be fixed in the way that we want it to be and things are difficult, painful and the future looks scary - it doesn't mean that we have to walk that path alone.  We walk with a God who holds the future (and us) in the palm of His hands.

Maybe a situation is beyond our control - but it's not beyond God's control.

Maybe our dreams are shattered.  Sometimes we have to let our old dreams die and make new dreams.

God thinks bigger than we think.  God sees bigger than we see.  God lives bigger than we live.

I am glad because I live very small.  Too small.

What about you?  Are you living SMALL today? 

I was invited to join a "Why I Love My Husband" link up today and I am excited about it, so am joining in at the bottom of this post (since I already posted today).  Why don't you all join too!  Why I Love My Husband (the never-ending list)

1.  Because I know that my heart is safe with him.

2.  Because he hides chocolate around the house and when I'm going crazy craving some he hauls some of it out.

3.  Because he doesn't get mad when he runs out of clean socks and unmentionables (except that I just mentioned them.......) when I am behind in laundry.

4.  Because he's just such a good daddy.

5.  Because he loves my dog.  My poodle dog.  That no one wanted me to buy because she know....a poooooooodle.

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Why I Love My Husband


  1. This is beautiful Nan. Absolutely true! I am saving this to read and think over in the next few days.


    Lesley x

    1. Thank you, Lesley. You are so sweet! I need to keep reminding myself that He is limitless too.

  2. Great, great word...BIG GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Don't we all need reminded of this over and over again? Well I sure do! I enjoyed my visit here and left very encouraged...this goes with my beginning post for the year on "Dare to Dream" thanks

    1. Yes, over and over! I'm glad you felt encouraged today. I am going to have to pop over and read your post, I love the title!

    2. so glad you dropped by my last child was at age 45...they go from age 29 to 7..six of them, however, my son and his wife have tired now for years and not been able to have children. As of last night I am going to be a grandmother...through the wonderful means of adoption and our family will welcome a 2 year old in a couple of weeks...God is the fulfill-er of our dreams. You have fun learning to sew, if I lived near you I would help you out...I have been hitting my sewing machine again to make money...enjoy!!

    3. Oh, how exciting! Congrats on that new grandbaby! My husband and I struggled with infertility (and secondary infertility) for years. It was hard but we found God to be faithful, and of course we have our two boys!

      Thanks, I hope I won't get too frustrated and give myself time to learn it, lol!

  3. Love this post, Nan! Yes, it's odd how many times I've tried to help God figure out how to answer my prayers. Isn't that a hoot? It's the times I've thrown up my hands and said "I don't have a clue how this will get fixed" that I end up amazed at what happens. You'd think I would have learned from those times, but thank you for this clear reminder, Nan. Light bulb moment!

    1. I'd had many of those light bulb moments, lol! You'd think I would have learned by now that God doesn't need me to "help" Him, lol!

  4. I love this, and yes we're always trying to help. Sometimes I think, 'Should I give it back to you, or were you giving it to me to figure out?' - that's where I get stuck. GREAT post ~

    1. I know what you mean. That's when we just need to pray for direction and seek wisdom from others, and sometimes we just have to move forward if immediate action is required (and trust Him for guidance).

      I really would LOVE for you to start blogging again, Beth!!!! (Hint, hint....) ;)

  5. Yes, I limit God according to the smallness of my own faith.

    I cannot see the way out of several situations in my life right now, but only because I am looking at my own plans and desires and not His.

    Thank you for this reminder.

    1. So do I, my friend. I limit Him too.

      Well, at least we know that God sees the way ahead and He knows the right path, and we don't have to worry! I will pray for you!

  6. Amen!
    I know I am guilty of this.

  7. Oh yes, I'm guilty of this too! Much much better than I used to be but not quite where I want to be. Love seeing your Why I Love My Husband list at the bottom of the page and that was perfect just to add it (no need to write a brand new post). Thanks for linking up and I hope you'll do it again next week so we can see your ever expanding list!

    1. Me neither, but God is growing me too! Thank you, it was fun! I just need to pop over and see how others are doing it too, so that I can figure out how to continue with it next week! :)


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