Friday, January 4, 2013

My son, Justin Bieber's "Twin?"

This is a picture of my son.  Some people think he looks like Justin Bieber.  We have heard that a lot over the last couple of years, but recently our trip to California really kicked it into high gear.  We were literally "stalked" by Justin Bieber fans. Or rather, he was and we were just along for the ride.

They were all very nice and sweet and friendly, but girl after girl told him how much he looked like JB. Every.Single.Day that we were there.

For instance, we were eating at one restaurant and noticed a girl in another booth videotaping him while he was eating. 

We would walk around Disneyland, California Adventure or Universal and girls would holler "Justin!!!!" at him, and then giggle.

They took pictures of him, videotaped him, followed us around, asked for a picture with him and even asked for his autograph.

We took this picture while our son was busy signing autographs just because it was so amazing to us that they were asking him for it, lol!  

He kept telling them that he was NOT Justin Bieber and even though they believed him, they still wanted a picture or a video or even an autograph.

For the record, he is signing his own name in the picture above.

We also visited the wax museum and took lots of fun pictures.  Unfortunately the JB figure was not out the day that we were there.  It would have been a fun picture.

I must say that Justin Bieber has the nicest and sweetest fans.

I had a great time watching the expressions on their faces when they first saw my son.  At first they looked shocked, then excited, then a bit confused.  I think at first glance, they were excited for a moment, but then they realized he wasn't JB when they looked again. 

Although he hears it a lot around where we live, I suppose it was the fact that he was at Disneyland and lots more people around, thus more excitement and confusion, lol!

I can see a slight resemblance but not enough to cause all the attention he received. I just don't get it.  He looks like my son to me, lol!

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  1. That's funny. You need to put a picture of Beiber up there so we can compare. Now I have to go hunt down a picture. LOL!
    At least it kept your trip interesting to say the least.

  2. Wow, that would make any trip interesting :)
    I must say, in the first picture he really does look like Justin.

    Happy Weekend, my friend!


  3. Bieber should be so lucky! And I think I'd rather have a daughter of mine date your son than the celeb!

  4. Well, your son is much cuter than the Beibs, just for the record...

    ...and I won't tell you I have a daughter about the same age...

    ...nope, not gunna' do that because I'm a good Christian Mom sho some days feels like Mrs. Bennet...

    Don't let blogger fool you, you can find me at

  5. I couldn't say, since I have not really looked at Justin Beiber. But your son certainly is a handsome fellow.

    Happy New Year, Nan.

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