Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lazy Mom Gets Sick

What happens when Mom gets sick?  Sometimes there are diapers that need changing, laundry that needs doing, meals that need making.  Sometimes Dad can come to the rescue, but sometimes he can't.

If your kids are older, they can be a big help.  But sometimes the kids are too little to help or they're away at work and can't, either way you're on your own!

What do you do when you're sick and you can't crawl into a corner somewhere and disappear? 

Well, I have been sick for a couple of days now. Fortunately yesterday's post was already written before I got sick, but I had nothing ready for today.  So I came up with some tips on how to survive when you're sick, the Lazy Mom way. It's working for me!

LAZY MOM TIP:  What To Do When You're Sick

Lazy Mom's motto: Make it easy, make it fun and get it done!

("Lazy" and "Mom" are not usually two words you'd put together in a sentence, are they? But sometimes we moms get tired and we DO feel like being lazy.  We've had a long day of doing stuff but there is more to be done!  That's when I suggest we do things the Lazy Mom way!) 

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  1. This made me laugh so hard! I have done each of these.

    Praying for a speedy recovery, Nan!

  2. Nan, I loved this but am so sorry you still feel bad. Have you ever read any of Alexandra Stoddard's books? I remember reading one of hers years ago where she wrote that when she knew she was getting sick at the office, she stopped along the way home and bought a potted hyacinth, a stack of magazines, went home and changed the sheets and put on pretty nightclothes and enjoyed her time being sick. That sounded so nice. I even hoped I would get sick and follow her advice. But then, when I did get sick I didn't feel like doing any of those things. Wouldn't you know it!

  3. Sorry about that, Nan. Can you delete one of those comments? I must have hit the button twice.

  4. Great reminder to keep it simple. I'm sorry to read you're not feeling well and can sympathize since I'm battling a nasty cold as well. It's so frustrating for the whole family when Mommy is sick. =/ Hopefully you're well soon.

  5. I love your tips! LOL While nursing the boys back to health and trying to rest and not get sick myself...I may have to try some of them. Do I see a lazy mom e-book coming on in the future???? ;-)


    Mary Joy

  6. Keeping it simple and not trying to do it all is good advice. You never get better if you don't find some way to slow down. Thanks for the good advice.

  7. This is very good advice. Because I would try to do too much anyway, instead of resting.
    I like the last idea the best, though.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. You're cute even when you feel sick.

    I was feeling lazy today, so thought I would treat myself and buy shishkabobs at Safeway for dinner. Sold out. I wandered up to the Roasted Chickens in deli. Sold out. This lazy, tired Mom had to make dinner.

    But, that is my usual plan, shortcut on a nice dinner.


  9. Dear sweet Nan, being sick is not the thing to do!! Even loading the dishwasher or dryer can be too much!! I hope you are feeling better soon! You gave me some good laughs and smiles.

  10. Hopes for health ... and prayers, of course!

    1. I just got this comment reply thingy installed on my blog. Now I can "talk" to you since I don't have your email and you don't have a blog!!! Thanks so much for your wishes and prayers, my friend. I really appreciate them!


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