Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How come?

Why are m&m's round?  Shouldn't they be in the shape of the letter "M?"

It's questions like this that keep me awake at night.

Why isn't Blue Cheese blue?

How come it stays nice all during the week and then rains only on the weekend?

Why do children hold all their questions until you are in the bathroom or on the telephone?

How come my head doesn't itch at all until someone mentions that their kid has lice - and then all of a sudden mine itches like crazy?

How come I always get a strong urge to cough whenever someone else is coughing?  Same with yawning.

How come I can check all the pockets before I do laundry and they're empty.  Yet somehow, something always winds up in the washing machine.  Usually a wad of tissue.

How come I can fall asleep in front of the t.v., but the minute I get up and go to bed I am suddenly wide awake?

How come I can always think of a brilliant response hours AFTER the conversation is over?

How come I can remember something that happened ten years ago but I can't remember something that happened ten minutes ago?

How come I can go for hours without needing a bathroom at home and yet need one five minutes after we leave in the car?

How come?????  What are YOUR "how come" or "why" questions?

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  1. I have often wondered why blue cheese isn't blue :) Your "how come's" made me laugh and agree with you more than once because I have some of the same "how come's".

    I hope you're feeling completely better now.

    Hugs to you,

    1. My cough is much, much better, thank you! So is my asthma!

  2. Your how comes took most of mine! But, how come husbands always ask, "Where are my ______________(fill in the blank)?, without first looking in the place where it always has been?

    1. If I tend to put things away, then my hubby doesn't really know where it "belongs." But if it's HIS stuff then yes, he usually knows where he should look for it. Except that he usually "just set it down" somewhere and now can't find it. He has several pairs of cheap reading glasses all over the house, lol!

  3. I loved your random thoughts!!

    1. I actually wrote a post about my "random thought." It will be published eventually, lol!

  4. STINK, you are funny!

    There isn't anything brilliant or laugh-worthy to say. You stole all my punchlines. :)

    OOHH, Got one!

    How come the empty milk carton is in the fridge and the full one is on the table - now room temperature?

  5. Bwahahahaha! Seriously? That is awesome, lol! Time to buy more milk!


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