Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Mom, The Whole Mom, And Nothing But The Mom

So I thought maybe I'd mention a few totally useless things you might not know about me and really, probably don't WANT to know about me.  Too bad!  Here they are....

I think I look younger upside down, don't you?  See?  God bless gravity.

I also think I look terrifying upside down and maybe even a bit crazy (a BIT????).  See?

I can touch my tongue to the base of my nose.  My cousin taught me when I was a kid. You can probably do it too.  Just relax your tongue and try it.  You're trying it now, aren't you?

I can't cross my fingers like other people can.  If I want to cross my fingers, I have to use my left hand to help my right hand do it.  Really messes up my sign language when I try to fingerspell and make the letter "R."

I know sign language but I guess you figured that out already.

I have two fat big toes and my other toes are skinny.  When I was little I hated my big toes.  I mean, seriously.  Who hates their big toes?

I sometimes dress my toy poodle in sweaters and coats and things when it's raining and/or cold outside.  She "loves" it, can't you tell?  Doesn't she look thrilled?
I can't cross my eyes.  I can only cross one eye while the other one stares straight ahead.  People tell me it's freaky looking.

I don't like to be cold.  I hate being cold.  I like being warm.  But I hate being too warm.  Basically, it's all about me when it comes to the weather - mid to high 70's are great.

I am a channel changer.  Give me that remote control, baby!  I will fight you for it.  I love flipping though channels and I've been known to watch two t.v. shows at a time.

I am a door checker.  I check to make sure all the doors are locked before I go to bed at night.

I love to read and enjoy being by myself.  I am also an extrovert and pretty friendly and outgoing.  However, I am also a homebody and love staying home,   I suppose that's why blogging is so nice, lol!  I can meet people and not have to go anywhere to do it!  Is it possible to be an introverted extrovert?

So, come on, confess........tell me some "useless" facts about YOU!!!!!

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  1. Great stuff! Some useless facts about me?
    As a child I used to feel inferior because while other people's eyeballs moved around, when I stared at myself in the mirror, mine stayed still however hard I tried!
    Bearing in mind that I went to a rubbish infant school, my first written poem went. 'I know a big dog and he had a big pill 'cause he had a big cold and a very big chill. I took him to the doctor and he said 'very bad' and the poor dog was ever so sad. So I gave him a ball and a great big bone, and when he was better we both went home'

    I like your useless things more than mine : )

  2. That last paragraph described me to a tee.
    Here's a useless fact about me. I wear flip flops almost every day for 98% of the day. Yup!

  3. I don't mind being too hot, but when I get cold I can complain and whine with the best of them.

    I love watching the sun rise and set. Especially in the mid-west. At the first sign of a smidgen of pink or orange, my heart does flips. There is hope in a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

    I hate buying shoes. I'm a size 11 and they just don't make pretty shoes for people who wear my size.

    I hate buying clothes. All I think about is how much they will shrink, be uncomfortable, discolor over time, and how it's such a waste of money.

    While driving I supposedly look like "granny". According to my sister anyway. I'm not sure if I make a face or what the deal is, but she gets a kick out of it.

    Great post, Nan! This was fun. Hope you enjoy this useless information about me, lol.

  4. Hi Nan! I enjoyed reading your "useless" facts :) I was laughing out loud when you said you can't cross your eyes, just one :)
    I unfortunately cannot touch my tongue to my nose - I used to wish I could, but it just doesn't reach all the way.

    I love Christmas music and will listen to is almost 24/7 during the Christmas season.

    I am constantly straightening things in my home because they look crooked (probably a VERY bad habit).

    I.LOVE.SHOES!! My hubby has to pull me away from the shoe stores :)

    Anyway, thanks for your fun post and have a wonderful day, my friend!

    Hugs to you,

  5. Nan,
    We have a lot in common.
    -I have a picture on my phone of me. I was laying on my back, which made me look younger. Took me a little while to figure out why I liked the picture.
    -I like blogging too...because I am a homebody and not an extrovert.
    -I used to be a doorchecker. Now my hubby is. But I do it if he is away!
    -I wear a tank top and hoodie year round. Because I don't like to be cold, but am always doing something, so I get hot, and then take off the get the idea!


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